The Hail To The Chief Dream – TRANSCRIPT Aug. 13, 2022

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The Hail To The Chief Dream – TRANSCRIPT Aug. 13, 2022

I had this dream August 6th, 2022
a week ago Friday night. I had it in Aitkin, South Carolina which I believe is significant.
the dream began with me watching a broadcast that was announcing the 2023
State of the Union Address. so once again I’m watching TV.
I’m waiting for the State of the Union Address to start, okay. now, I also make something very clear. in
this dream I had no indication in my mind, my feeling, my spirit, or what I saw – I had no sense that Joe Biden was a part
of this dream. I had no sense that Joe Biden was the man I was about to see coming
down. I had no sense of that at all. that’s all I’m going to say about that. I have dreamed that the White House has
been empty since that first dream. our President had COVID for a couple weeks and then goes on vacation to South
Carolina of all places. so he’s not been in the White House – well he’s been there but,  you know, it’s an empty White House.
all right, so I’m watching this broadcast announcing the 2023 State of the Union
Address. Hail to the Chief began to play and people turned and waited for the person to enter.
some of the usual leaders that always come in beforehand were already walked in, and were seated, were finding spots –
like the justices and heads. you know, the certain key people were walking in.
and the Sergeant of Arms just stepped up to introduce the President. and he did it like this,
he said, “Madam speaker [quietly] the President of the United States of
America [more quiet and hoarse].  he went from a little bit of a voice, to a little bit of a whisper, to less of a whisper, to more of a cough. and he began
to cough and hold his chest like he was having trouble breathing – kind of like that. he was just
coughing. he just tried to introduce the President and everybody’s excited everybody’s
turning around to watch. the applause has already started. it is going. it’s loud but nobody entered the
chamber. and so people started trying to see over the crowd. they’re looking. and it was like people were looking from the
from the first floor he always comes in looking from the podium out from the right side. people were looking and trying to look
over each other, “Where’s the president? Where’s the [President]?  [The President] wasn’t coming in. even people on the balcony were looking down like
they were trying to figure out what was going on. at this point I am standing, in the dream, I’m watching from the right side of the podium. so if you would be watching the President give the State of the Union Address, I
would be at his left but I was actually on his right in the building.
the music kept playing also Hail to the Chief kept going. it kept getting louder, and louder, and louder, and louder, and
louder. and the decibel level was making people cover their ears. so there was all this loud noise going
on. there’s all this confusion. very much a distraction. no President had walked in.

(and I do believe the man coughing the Sergeant of
Arms  – I believe that cough was tied to COVID. and that it kind of ties back over the last two years, some of the things
you’re about to hear in the rest of this dream have been taking place and going on. and that would that would also let us
know that some of the lockdowns and some of the mandates that were out there are a way to cover up the tracks of what
was going on.)

Secret Service agents with white ear pieces pulled their weapons. they actually pulled their weapons they were
they were looking. the whole floor erupted. Secret Service agents are there. they got the white little ear pieces coming out. I hear them,
looking, they’re talking in their watch, they’re talking in their collars and their guns are out. their guns
are drawn. their weapons are out. they all look surprised and very very
much alarmed. and they’re looking at every square inch of the room. the balcony is full of Secret Service agents.
the floor is full of Secret Service. and they are looking everywhere for the President. other Secret Service agents had come in
that very door where the President was supposed to enter. like he was in front of them and now he’s not. so they
come in and they look very alarmed. and they’re moving very very quickly. it was like something bad has happened. if you
saw a Secret Service after John F. Kennedy was assassinated, that’s what it looked like. they’re all over the place. they’re looking each other to get eye
contact. but they look at everywhere.  so basically the Secret Service doesn’t know what’s happening. so everything is happening in secrecy. the situation that’s going on, there’s a whole lot of covert actions. everything is very very clandestine. nobody knows

what’s going on. the crowd seemed panicked. and they had absolute fear in their eyes.
there was fear, absolute fear, “oh my goodness, what’s going on? what’s going to happen?” various party leaders
attempted to swarm the platform to ask if anybody knew what was going on. people yelled at the Secret Service, “what’s going on?” “what’s going on?” “what’s happening?”
now, I’m not going to name the faces of the people that I saw. I did see Supreme Court justices. I did
see certain governors. I did see certain congressional figures and senate leaders. I’m not going to say name so,
don’t ask – don’t.  this one don’t ask don’t tell – I’m not saying. it’s not important to the aspect of the
dream. the crowd was upset. so basically, our elected leaders our elected officials, were shut out of the process. nobody who was out there from the
elected offices are appointed offices, nobody knew what was going on. they were shut out of the whole process. nobody could
understand what was happening. and then an official black jacketed agent
stormed through the Secret Service agents. now I want to say this, I have never seen this. I saw faces of people I
recognized. I saw leaders, elected officials. I did not recognize this man. I have never seen this man in my entire
life of anything. and as a matter of fact, I’ve even spent some of the time this week going through Washington leadership and NSA and CIA
FBI, looking at looking at faces of people who work for those agencies. did not see him. this official black jacketed agent
storms through the Secret Service agents that are near the platform. he demands  – he goes up to the platform,
the microphone, and says “everybody sit down!”  yelling, “everybody sit down!” and he did not have an earpiece like the
Secret Service people did. but he carried himself like everybody should know him. he just stormed right through those guys. they let him right
through. then he starts yelling to have the music shut down and nobody’s listening. the music is getting louder and louder and
louder. so suddenly he just pulls a service weapon from underneath. with his right hand he pulls over his left jacket. he pulls the service weapon out. aims right up towards the balcony. in
the very back of the balcony I see this large rectangular speaker.
he fires at that speaker one loud shot and suddenly the music stops.
there were some people who screamed, they’re trying to figure out what the world’s going on. once again the panic  – everybody’s paniced.
nobody knows what’s going on. “Where’s the President?” people are nervous. they’re starting to worry as if … they looked like rats in a trap.
they know something bad is about to happen.
people screamed.

the authority that’s happening, the
authority that is now taking power and taking place in the House of Representatives is scary. it’s
frightening. nobody knows what’s going on, because nobody knows what’s going on, nobody knows what to address or how to address
the confusion. it is absolute fear, panic, confusion. nobody knows what’s going on. and now a man’s fired at a speaker. and
the music was getting louder and louder louder but now all the distractions are gone and the focus is on the man standing in the podium.
this very very controlling, in authority person, the Secret Service just let this guy – just stormed right
there – they just let him come right up. people screamed and he once again
demanded that they sit down immediately. and then a different group of
men, that I sensed were not Secret Service agents, came in.  they came in the back, the two back doors of the
house. they came in from the balcony. and the whole room is now filling up
with men who are wearing Kevlar vests, military backpacks,
AR-15s, but no helmets. no helmets. but they’re also wearing that Kevlar
over black suits. black suits.
same black suits that the man is wearing in the podium at that moment.
he tells them all to sit. those men come in. and they’ve got their weapons out.
weapons are not down, their weapons are up like this. they don’t have them scoped out on their shoulders but they are
ready to go. they’re ready to aim and fire, so to speak. all I know is this,  these
were not soldiers. these guys did not have the look of soldiers. but they had
the weapons and the vests over those two-piece suits. what I saw, this was intelligence. I saw this as a
spiritual coup. I saw this as a political coup. somebody had come in. no one knew
what was going on. they can’t find the President. Secret Service is confused. the guards of the President don’t know
what’s going on. none of the elected officials have any idea. so in other words, the rug has been pulled completely out from underneath their feet and
they don’t know what’s going on. they don’t know what’s happening. they’re trying to figure out. and now this man,
who nobody knows, is there on the platform commanding their authority. and then he says this, “ladies and gentlemen,
we have lost the President.” and there were shouts of people that said, “what do you mean? how’d that happen?” and
people were yelling and screaming right back. he looked at his hands and he did this [holding both hands up motioning to stop then calm down].
kind of starts up high like [saying] (everybody settle down, be quiet, sit down.)  He was trying to get people to sit back
down in their chairs. he lifted up his hands, made that
lowering motion, and then he said this, “you all knew this would happen.
and now that it has, you will either support the consequences or join the missing.”
so there’s no President. there’s some type of not necessarily a military but maybe an intelligence group
has come in. we’re no longer ruled by a President. “we have lost the president,” is exactly what he
said. once again, I told you when the dream started, I did not have the sense it was Biden who would be walking in
that door. and whether it’s going to be him in the 2023 State of the Union Address [or not], I don’t know.
all I know is, I did I did not have any sense that it was him I was waiting to see.
so he’s just got them all set down. and now he stands and he says, after he
says, “you all knew this would happen. and now that it has, you will either support the consequences or join the
missing.” in other words, there’s been a coup. and the people out there, the elected officials and people
in power, have been a part of this. it’s something that’s been planned. this is not just a surprise. this has happened over time
because the way that he speaks it. and then the man says, “please stand.
raise your right hand. pledge allegiance. then kneel
when you’re told to.” now, when I heard this, I envisioned the
Nazi salute – with the hand.  I’m not going to do that. I’m that offended by it.
but when you stand, you’re told to stand because you’re to give attention and respect for the person. so, once again, they’re going to
stand for somebody or something they have no idea what it is that’s coming. but they’re going to stand for it. and obviously they’ve been supporting
this for a long time;  just don’t know exactly how it’s going to fall out. and also when he says pledge, he
basically you’re swearing allegiance. you’re going to swear allegiance to the person walking down that door, that open
door. we’ve lost the President but somebody else is coming in. when you kneel, you are showing absolute
submission and lordship. because here’s what he said, “please stand. raise your right hand.
pledge allegiance. and then kneel when you are told to.”
and suddenly the gavel at the desk at the congressional chamber was hammered loudly. I did not see who put the hammer
down. all I know is I heard it just hammer loud. it was not the man in the podium but I heard the gavel come down
loudly on that table near where the president would have addressed the nation. now that gavel represents judicial
authority and what we were what we were just about to see was a change of laws. we were going to see what was contrary
to God’s Law. we were going to see judgment literally coming to the nation and also to the Church. but judgment was
coming. in other words, the evidence had been presented. the case had already been
tried. and now the gamble comes down and the declaration of what’s about to happen is about to be spoken so people
get it. at this time people were looking around but they were
not moving. they were in their chairs and they were eyes looking everywhere and you could see panic once again. a lot of
those men had their heads down with their eyes closed. they were full of tears. I saw mascara
running on the faces of most of the women. I saw tears on every single face. people were scared. this was not just
scared- these people were absolutely terrified. and I’m talking about elected officials, leaders, supreme court justices,
governors, departments of their heads of state. you name it. they were there. if they were in that building, they were
terrified at this point. some of these men were full of tears and visibly shaking in their seats. and
then the man at the front screamed. he said, “I said stand!!!!”
and he held that word stand for, in the dream, it seemed like moments, minutes.
when it stopped he said, “stand!!!!” and he started looking out in the crowd.
see when you yell stand like that, he was demanding respect. he was demanding submission. he was being very
manipulative and intimidated but he was basically telling folks you did this. now it’s time to stand.
but they were so scared because now they realize the consequences of what they’ve done. now people were looking around.
and a few men stood up. and then several women stood up.
and as they did, they turned towards the door – the door that we would have seen the president walk through. they were waiting for the man, someone to walk
through the door that the president would have walked in. so these would be no loyalty. they were
selling their souls out. they committed. they were like “okay I guess…” [they were] almost unashamed. now the fear changes to
“[I] understand. it’s okay. I guess this is what we signed up for.”  and these people are part of the coup obviously.
they’re selling out our nation. and they finally stand up, slowly, but they’re standing up.
and several of the people screamed out “no.” and as soon as they did,
the military suits behind the guys with the black jackets and the Kevlar over, came right behind them, put a hand
on their left hand, and put a needle right in their throat. in the in the right side of their neck put the syringe
in. the person began to shake and then suddenly just fell over dead.
so within seconds these people were dead.

there were still people in that chamber
that said, “we’re not doing this. we’ve not signed up. we’re not part of this.” and when they said no and they stood up, they
were killed immediately. so that’s the picture being broadcast throughout the room.
these were the uncompromising senators and governors. these were the uncompromising
justices. these were the uncompromising heads of state, and state department leaders, and those sort of people.
if you won’t go along we will break you we will
kill you. now when they saw the people start to drop, die ,when they after they screamed “no!”,
this caused more people in the crowd to scream and gasp. and I saw men
who were now weak-kneed, struggling to get to their feet. and, I was I wasn’t going to say this but I’m going to say it, there were people who were
wetting their pants. there were elected officials who were wetting their pants
in absolute terror and sheer understanding of what they had done.
what this resembled to me was Hitler speaking to a group of people. I’ve seen a lot of the speeches that Hitler did.
you see the demonization that he goes through when he speaks.
the look of fear on their faces was horrible as if they were facing a death sentence – and they were.
and they sobbed, and they sobbed, and they sobbed, as they just slowly stood to their feet.
some were saying, “I’m standing! I’m standing! I’m getting up! I’m getting up!”  because they were so fearful that they were going to get injected.
so they stood up and they turned to face that door.

so those fearful and unbelieving were
weak-kneed. they sold out the country thinking they were going to get
rewarded. thinking they’re going to have positions of power and now they realize they’re like everybody else. they had become a slave to the system they sold it out
to. and those military suits, they were going around and disposing of anyone who would
not stand. anyone who would not stand was getting jabbed in the neck and going down. and it might take one guy on him. it
might take two or three but if they were sitting, they were killed – they were put out.
and anyone who also tried to resist those men got hit with a butt of an AR-15 in their head, went down, and they
were injected, shook a little bit. and those sort of things began to happen.
and then those that stood in the very front, I’m looking at the very front of the area,
where the supreme court justices sit and some other leaders (and you can look on you can look on a map to find out who
sits in that front area) I saw some of those folks stand up
very slowly. and the slowest ones were some of the
highest elected officials and supreme court justices that were sitting in that front row.

these were officials these were justices these were people in power who make laws
and enforce laws. and it was obvious by now that by their standing…
(and once again I’m not going to name do not call the email do not text I am not going to name these officials or
justices. all I can tell you is there were several stood.
there were also several that died.)  the enemy is in the house so to speak.
at this very minute a flutist walked in the back door. I could hear
this melody, this flute playing very loudly. and a very thin Asian girl
dressed like an Olympic gymnast with this incredible flute in her hands.
she walked in and she began to play a very haunting melody. she stood at the very back. and this melody, as she begins
to play it, people turn. was almost like a pied piper moment. then what she was playing was very very
high pitched and very sharp on the ears. it was actually hurting people’s ears. I remember standing, watching, thinking. this
is hurting my ears.” this is louder than the music Hail to the Chief that was playing when the President was supposed to walk in.

that flute reminded me of the pied piper because as she began to
play, the sobbing and the weeping stopped. and people were looking at her. and they were watching her walk down the aisle.
and then she started into a march. and I’m talking highly precise with
precision march. you would have thought this 10 to 12 years – it looked like a pre-pubescent girl –
10 to 12 years old. but when she began to march, you could tell that this girl was not a little
girl. she was a trained Olympic solo. I mean she was…
if there was a Chuck Norris that could look like that, it was Chuck Norris okay. this was a precise
young lady whose eye was on the podium she was walking towards. and she’s playing
that playing that flute, her eyes never looked at the crowd. all the crowd was looking at her and this haunting melody
is almost like hypnotizing them. and she marched with military precision
and she headed down there. look, she was under orders. this was planned. this was a planned ordered thing. and that podium
represented the highest authority of the world literally.
highest authority in our country. she was going to walk to that platform
unopposed. the first speaker up there, with the black jacket I did not recognize, had
basically gotten everybody ready.  he basically was getting them ready to pledge allegiance to
somebody who was coming in.  (but I think this represents China, with no doubt in my mind. it represents a Chinese influence.)

when she got about 10 feet away, I’m standing at the right of that platform watching
her come right down towards me, when she was about 10 feet away she jumped in the air
and did three or four flips and she landed. and she’s playing the flute the whole time she’s flipping.
when she landed, she just kept hold of that that note. that note never stopped. it was a high-pitched note that she just
held. it was very very high-pitched. it reminded me like an emergency broadcast system.
and there were people now  [that] were still hypnotized watching her play this note. and as soon as she got done with
that note, she began to use the flute like a baton. put it back like a weapon
and stood in the defensive position. and faced the entire crowd. she had put on her mean
face. and this principality, this incredibly
ugly demon, was looking at the people through the face of this pretty little young
girl. and she said, “you said you were with us.
now we see. you said you were with us.
now we see.” so her movements were military precision.
her attitude was get out of my way.  her self-esteem and confidence was off the
charts. but this was sheer intimidation.

but in that room, every
elected official every appointed official was terrified beyond description when they realized what they’d done. because they had not seen
this part of it coming. I don’t know what congress has been promised. I don’t know what some of these people have been promised from certain
leaders or nations or kings. I don’t think China will pull any punches.
I don’t think China will tell the truth. I think China will take us for everything we have.
and that’s the picture that I’m seeing. she was this picture of intimidation. she was a spirit of
intimidation. she was a spirit of manipulation and deception. because
our leaders have yielded to the influence and the demands of that enemy. and there’s no doubt, most of you already
know this it is no surprise. and then everyone got quiet.
and there was sobbing. the only person not sobbing in the room was that young girl who almost had the
face that said, I dare you to try to knock me off this platform. because even though she looked like a little girl, it was obvious she had
military background. she had karate background. she was a tough opponent.
and the enemy inside of her was a whole lot bigger.
everyone’s sobbing.  it means they were mov[ed] from the threat’s intimidation. in other words, their spirit had been broken.
what this did was it broke the spirit of those in that room. it broke the spirit of every leader, every congressman, every
senator, every justice, every head of departments. it broke the spirit of all those that were there.
that’s what I saw. and suddenly all the sound, the sobbing, the noise,
everything went away. the chamber basically just emptied out.
and the man that I see at the podium (folks every time I’ve had a dream has taken place over a couple days or a week;
this happened in one night; I’ve never had that happen; I’ve never had one dream where I’ve dreamt the whole thing in one night)
all that sound faded in that moment was like God spoke clarity. in the dream as I’m standing watch it I am
troubled because I’ve seen incredible things happen. I’ve seen our country sold out.
have no idea what was going to walk through that door. and then didn’t expect what I saw walk through the door. but I knew it represented something bigger
than I was seeing. suddenly there’s the man that I believe represents Jesus in my dreams.
he started to bring clarity of thought. the noise stopped. the chaos stopped. because the thing is, I did not see
the end of this. there was no chaos. I didn’t see nuclear weapons. I didn’t see the nation falling apart. to me that’s a
good sign. Jesus steps in and says, “hey, I’m still here. you’re still here. we’re good. we’re okay.”
because he walks into the room that means it’s not over yet – the last chapter has not been written yet.
sometimes you have to fight, you have to hang on to see the victory. but it’s worth it all. it’s worth it all. it’s worth it all.
he’s standing at the podium. so the first man that walked in and said everyone “stand!”
he was the first man to speak. the second person that podium was that young girl that came in representing a principality.
which I believe is a Chinese spirit. you know just represents that part of the Asian world.
and now he’s at the podium basically saying, “I get the last say. I’m the final authority.”
that first one was a natural threat. the second speaker was a demonic threat. and now the third speaker is God He
basically says, “I get to say the last of it.”
here’s what I want you to hear folks; the first thing the man said was this,
“and it all took place in less than 250 years.”

(this year we celebrated 246 years as a nation. I believe there’s more of a timeline with this dream than I can imagine or understand right now.
there could be a time frame. you know if we look at 246: 2 is the word for discern; 4 is about the world; 6 is
the number of man’s days. it reminded me of Meni Meni Tekel Ufasen, when the king saw the hand that began to
write on the wall. and basically says you have been weighed in the balances and found wanting. God’s numbered your days, the
days of your kingdom and brought it to an end. you have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.  perez your
kingdom’s divinely given the Medes and the Persians. so I really believe that has something to do with this. I don’t know how much longer it will be before
Jesus comes. and this is not an argument for  mid-trib pre-trib post-trib. that’s not [the] argument. look, we know that
America is going down. we know America’s been sold. that all of us have some sense of that. and a lot of us have this sense
that something big is about to happen. White House has been empty
for about two years now folks we all realize that.)

but the man that represents Jesus said
“it took less than 250 years.” then He looked at me and I was standing just right off that right corner of the
podium. and church we got to hear this. he said, “get ready for more than war.”

(and one of the notes that should be put
she’s what’s worse what’s more than work and she writes the word captivity. captivity.)

“get ready for more than war.” “speak the truth at risk of the sword.”
and that’s when I woke up.