On May 31, NASA’s UAP task force held a public meeting to discuss the task force’s future role in researching UAP sightings, along with the current state of UFO research. But hidden within the meeting, shared at the very end, was a tense warning from one of the task force members. Mike Gold warned of an existential threat to society that’s looming in space and needs to be addressed, along with an asteroid that will be coming very close to Earth — flying below geosynchronous satellites — in the near future. To continue reading this article, please click the link below: NASA UAP […]

An artist’s illustration of asteroid Apophis near Earth. The asteroid will fly extremely close to Earth in 2029, with no threat to our planet or for the foreseeable future. (Image credit: Dan Durda – FIAAA) NASA wants fleet of spacecraft to watch infamous Apophis asteroid approach Earth: report By Elizabeth Howell NASA wants to bump up the number of visitors to Apophis when the asteroid swings safely by Earth in 2029. NASA wants a fleet of small private spacecraft to visit an infamous asteroid during its upcoming close shave of Earth, a report suggests. Apophis, though not a threat to our […]

Planet-destroying asteroid Apophis is hurtling towards Earth and will put NASA’s Dart to the test Ayaan Paul Jan 27, 2023 | 14:08 The likelihood of an asteroid hitting Earth in the next hundred years is a topic of much debate among scientists. While it is difficult to predict with certainty as to when and where an asteroid will hit, there is one particularly fearsome asteroid which has had the scientists go jittery. Near-Earth Objects One important factor to consider is the number of known asteroids that are on a collision course with Earth. According to NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object […]

STUNNING: Asteroid 2023 BU That Passed South America Was Closer Than Some Satellites Written By Digital Desk With an approach of 3,600km, the space rock known as 2023 BU, whipped over the southern tip of South America on Thursday. Apparently, it was a close shave. A space rock named ‘2023 BU’ whipped over the southern tip of South America late Thursday night. Although NASA had said that it was harmless, it counted as a close shave with an approach of 3,600km (2,200 miles). The asteroid was the size of a small bus but it illustrated how many undetected asteroids lurked […]

The Psyche mission will explore a metal-rich asteroid between Mars and Jupiter (Photo credit: NASA) NASA’s agenda for 2023: From OSIRIS-REX to Earth Information Center Written bySanjana Shankar Jan 05, 2023, 03:10 am3 min read NASA had an eventful 2022, headlined by the successes of the Artemis 1 and DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) missions.This year, the US space agency has a slew of activities planned which include revealing the crew of Artemis 2, the asteroid sample-return mission OSIRIS-REX and more.“We’re never going to stop exploring the unknown in air and space,” said Bill Nelson, NASA administrator. The space agency will disclose crew […]

NASA And HAARP Just Concluded An Experiment In Which Signals Were Bounced Off An Asteroid Rameesha SajwarJanuary 4, 2023 Scientists have come through with an experiment that involves making a radio signal bounce off an asteroid. It will be a test for probing a larger asteroid that in 2029 will pass closer to Earth than the many geostationary satellites that orbit our planet. The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program research site in Gakona transmitted radio signals to asteroid 2010 XC15. The University of New Mexico Long Wavelength Array near Socorro, New Mexico, and the Owens Valley Radio Observatory Long Wavelength […]

Photo: HAARP The HAARP facility’s antenna array includes 180 antennas spread across 33 acres. An Asteroid Is Passing Earth Today, so Scientists Are Shooting It With Radio Waves The experiment will pave the way for probing a larger asteroid that will approach Earth in 2029. By Passant Rabie PublishedTuesday 5:25PM A group of researchers is attempting to bounce radio signals off a 500-foot-wide asteroid during its close flyby of Earth on Tuesday. The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is aiming its antennas at asteroid 2010 XC15, a space rock that’s categorized as a near-Earth potentially hazardous asteroid. The effort is a test run to to […]

NASA says a 500-foot asteroid named ‘2010 XC15’ will fly past Earth today – but it’s not ‘Armageddon’ yet The scientists plan to hit the space rock with more than 9.6 million radio waves from HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program). Authored by: TN Viral Desk Updated Dec 27, 2022 | 01:34 PM IST NASA has informed that a 570-foot asteroid called 2010 XC15 will rush past Earth on December 27. But we need not worry. The space rock is of high importance to scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) and NASA because it is the very thing that will let them their preparation […]

Scientists plan to hit an asteroid with more than 9.6 million radio waves from HAARP Low-frequency radio waves can reveal the intent and interiors of an asteroid. by Rupendra Brahambhatt  Created: Dec 26, 2022 10:16 AM EST A 500-foot-wide asteroid called 2010 XC15 will pass by Earth on December 27. While it has no intention of hitting us, it’s us who will hit the asteroid with a radio pulse. Scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) and NASA want to examine the 2010 XC15 space rock to test their preparation against Apophis. This dangerous asteroid might hit our planet in 2029. It is […]


OSIRIS APEX by Bryan Nelson The OSIRIS-REx NASA mission, which is spearheaded by scientists at the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (LPL), made history in 2020 when it successfully touched down on an asteroid named Bennu and collected a sample of rock to bring back to Earth for study. Now the heralded OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is being prepared for a second mission: to the near-Earth asteroid named Apophis, which will come so close to impacting our planet in 2029 that it will be visible to the naked eye. The extended mission has a new name, OSIRIS-APEX, and a new Principal […]

Planetary Defense Coordination Office Planetary Defense at NASA Near-Earth objects (NEOs) are asteroids and comets that orbit the Sun like the planets, but their orbits can bring them into Earth’s neighborhood – within 30 million miles of Earth’s orbit. Planetary defense is “applied planetary science” to address the NEO impact hazard. NASA established the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) to manage its ongoing mission of planetary defense. The PDCO: Provides early detection of potentially hazardous objects (PHOs) – the subset of NEOs whose orbits predict they will come within 5 million miles of Earth’s orbit; and of a size large […]

NASA’s ‘Eyes on Asteroids’ Reveals Our Near-Earth Object Neighborhood – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory By  Lynn Schindler  June 30, 2022 Learn more about the growing population of near-Earth objects with NASA’s new 3D real-time web-based application. Fully interactive, Eyes on Asteroids uses science data to help visualize asteroid and comet orbits around the Sun. Zoom in to travel along with your favorite spacecraft as they explore these fascinating near-Earth objects in beautiful 3D. Through a new 3D real-time visualization tool, you can now explore the asteroids and comets that approach Earth’s orbital neighborhood – and the spacecraft that visit these […]

5 ways to stop an asteroid from crashing into Earth Noel Wong @ FMT Lifestyle June 30, 2022 7:00 AM Imagine this if you will: Tomorrow, you read the news to find that sea levels are still rising as are food prices. Oh, and a world-ending asteroid is headed straight for Earth. As unlikely as an asteroid impact is right now, asteroids are very real and have changed the face of the Earth at least once. After all, it was an asteroid that singlehandedly wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago, paving the way for the “Jurassic Park” films. […]

  NASA PUBLISHES THE RESULTS OF ITS INTENSE KILLER ASTEROID DRESS REHEARSAL MATT WILLIAMS AND UNIVERSE TODAY 6.13.2022 4:00 AM  The lessons learned could help avert real impacts in the near future or significantly limit the devastation one could cause. IN AND around our planet, there are thousands of comets and asteroids known as near-Earth objects (NEOs). Multiple space agencies and government affiliates are responsible for tracking them, especially those known as potentially hazardous asteroids (PHA). These objects are so-designated because they will cross Earth’s orbit and may even collide with it someday. Considering how impacts in the past have caused mass extinctions (like the Chicxulub impact event that […]


Science Voice: Bringer of chaos By Terry Mejdrich Freelance writer & former science teacher Apr 24, 2022 In ancient Egypt, Apophis was a mythological deity and the enemy of the sun god, Ra.  The deity was sometimes referred to as the Great Serpent. The sun was thought to be like a flaming ship or barge that Ra rode across the sky every day.  Ra represented life and light; Apophis represented darkness and chaos.  Every night when Ra descended into the underworld he would have to battle with Apophis and win in order to rise again in the next day. Apophis and Ra died with […]

Asteroid ApophisImage Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

NASA’s spacecraft will rendezvous with rare asteroid coming close to Earth By Emilee Speck Published May 2, 2022 8:06PM Updated 8:06PM On its way back to Earth with a hefty sample of asteroid Bennu, the team behind NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission has big plans for the space rock-chasing spacecraft. After the spacecraft drops off the sample next year, it will begin a new mission to study near-Earth asteroid Apophis, earning a new acronym OSIRIS-APEX. NASA recently approved $200 million to cover the extended mission, which was welcome news to the University of Arizona-led team. With a new mission, a new scientist will be in charge. […]


OSIRIS-REx mission to be extended beyond initial plan limits By Greg Hahne Published: Tuesday, May 3, 2022 – 3:06pm NASA has green-lit the OSIRIS-REx mission to visit another asteroid that was once feared to hit Earth. The space agency extended the mission led by University of Arizona and renamed it OSIRIS-APEX. After dropping off its samples from a previous mission, the craft will be sent to study the near-Earth asteroid Apophis for 18 months, which will make close approach with Earth in 2029. Daniella DellaGiustina is the principal investigator for that mission. “We took a step back as a team and […]

Image Credit: CC0 Public Domain A research study analyzes the characteristics of Apophis, the asteroid that will approach Earth in 2029 by Carlos III University of Madrid The study, in which the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and the Universidad Estatal Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho (Júlio de Mesquita Filho Paulista State University) (UNESP) of Brazil are participating, analyzes the surface and dynamics of Apophis, an asteroid that will pass close to Earth in 2029. The Apophis asteroid was discovered in 2004 and has been monitored since then due to its classification as a potentially hazardous asteroid (PHA), as it […]

  Unexpected Asteroid Smacks into Earth With Little Warning – Should We Be Concerned? 03-18-2022 Talia Wise An asteroid took astronomers by surprise recently, hitting Earth’s atmosphere just two hours after it was first detected by scientists. Thankfully, the stone wasn’t big enough to cause a major catastrophe on Earth. The refrigerator-sized cosmic rock, named 2022 EB5, is only the fifth asteroid spotted right before hitting the planet and is the first sighting of its kind since 2019. Last week, astronomer Krisztian Sarneczky noticed the asteroid while viewing space from the Piszkéstető Mountain Station in Northern Hungary. Sarneczky reported the […]

Asteroid Hits Off the Coast of Iceland, Becoming the Fifth Known Earth Impactor By Louise Franco Mar 16, 2022 12:58 AM EDT An asteroid has potentially struck off the coast of Iceland, as per the latest reports. Astronomers only detected the asteroid two hours before it entered the Earth’s atmosphere and crashed near the waters of Iceland on Friday, March 11. Known as asteroid 2022 EB5, the three-meter space rock is considered to be the “fifth known Earth impactor” on record. However, it is not clear whether the asteroid hit the waters off Iceland or dissipated upon entering the atmosphere, as per WUSA9 news. Yet, […]

NASA: This huge asteroid could destroy our satellites in 2029 Published on March 4, 2022 at 11:34 AM by Maya Lou In a few years, a sizeable asteroid will come so close to Earth that it may impact our planet’s satellites. According to NASA scientists, one of the largest asteroids ever recorded will graze past Earth in 2019. The asteroid, named 99942 Apophis, is thought to be the size of the Eiffel Tower and its effects could be devastating for our planet’s satellites. Approaching Earth in 2029 Approaching Earth in 2029 ActionVance Named after the Egyptian deity Apophis, the Great serpent that represents chaos and darkness, […]

This ‘Space Shotgun’ Could Destroy Asteroids Hours Before They Hit The Earth Jannat Un NisaMarch 11, 2022 Asteroids may present a major risk to Earth, and therefore, NASA is working on a technology that may kill a space rock hours before it collides with the Earth. Scientists may now check the skies for potentially dangerous asteroids. Nearly 28,000 objects close to the Earth have been discovered by NASA’s Near-Earth Object Observations (NEOO) Program. This, however, is not enough. There should be a mechanism to defend ourselves if we identify a dangerous asteroid hanging over our heads. Fortunately, NASA’s Dart mission is on its […]

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Near Earth Objects Cover-Up What’s Wrong with NEOWISE Nathan Myhrvold In a 2016 preprint and two papers published online in December 2017 titled “Asteroid thermal modeling in the presence of reflected sunlight” and June 2018, “An empirical examination of WISE/NEOWISE asteroid analysis and results” in the journal Icarus, I raised a number of scientific, methodological, and ethical problems with the NEOWISE asteroid research project and its published papers and results. In this article, I summarize the problems in a less formal way than the papers, and I explain how the scientific misconduct that I found can be verified by anyone. Unlike a formal research paper I […]

DART mission

What Are Potentially Hazardous Asteroids and Is an Asteroid Predicted to Hit Earth? BY ROBERT LEA ON 1/13/22 AT 5:40 AM EST An asteroid over twice the size of the Empire State Building will make a close approach to Earth on January 18. The asteroid, 7482 (1994 PC1), will pass within around 1.2 million miles of Earth. This means that the asteroid is both close enough and large enough, with a diameter of around 1,000 meters, to be defined as a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (PHA)by NASA‘s Center of Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS). This is despite the fact that there is no risk of 7482 (1994 […]