6000 Years Since Sin and The Year 2029

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6000 Years Since Sin and The Year 2029


Exactly, to the very day if you take 2 Peter 3:8 literally and precisely, 4,000 years prior to the ministry of Jesus was when Adam sinned. Exactly 2,000 years later the judgment against the sin begins. At which point, man loses his power on earth and Jesus gains the power over the earth as Lord. Then begins the Day of the Lord.

Time began when Adam sinned. Time is inextricably linked to death. If there is no death, there is no time. In Heaven, there is no time. The asteroid was set in motion the moment Adam sinned.

Through believing 2 Peter 3:8 literally means we can calculate when Adam sinned by knowing when Jesus began His ministry. Then the first 4,000 years are the first days and the last 3,000 years are the last days. What I’ve found (you do your own research) is that Jesus’ ministry began sometime in the Fall of 29 AD. This tells us when Adam sinned, exactly 4,000 years prior, and when the 6,000 years of Adam’s reign on earth ends with the Day of the Lord beginning. However, no man knows the exactly day or hour the Lord is coming.

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