Rapture vs. Wrath Timing – Part 1  *The Antichrist’s tax may be here disguised as a carbon tax *Central Bank Digital Currency coming *Timing of the rapture in relation to God’s Wrath…you will be surprised. CBDC Advertised as a way to stop crime, terrorism, inflation, increase privacy, lower transaction fees. In reality, you will not own your own money. The central bank will. If they like you because you are the right race, you get more. If you’re the wrong race, you get less. If you eat wrong, less. If you drive a fossil fuel car, less. They have […]

The Antichrist and AI Are we in the final 7 years? On Rosh Hashanah: Dow goes bear market Nordstream pipeline of gas from Russia to Europe is destroyed – could be the catalyst of WW3? Satellite hits dymorphis – the first asteroid defense project ever by NASA! Hurricane Ian barrels toward Florida right after a Biden UN speech against Israel. We will talk about UN reform. THE ANTICHRIST….mark of the beast and what is the image of the beast which I believe is related to AI and human/computer augmentation through a Brain Computer Interface.

The 7 Trumpets of Revelation Part 3 We finish up our 3 part series on the 7 Trumpets of Revelation. We cover the mockup that NASA and other observatories did on Apophis. Then we get into what happens when the Wormwood asteroid hits us. We see that the 7 Trumpets are all about the Wormwood asteroid strike. We look into Trumpets 4-7 in detail. Then we talk about pre-trib. doctrine.

Daniel’s 70th Week Beginning September 2022? – Intro to the 7 Trumpets The new shemitah cycle begins September 26/27, 2022 with prophetic events unfolding causing us to consider, will this be the final 7 years? Daniel’s 70th week? We will study the Apophis asteroid coming 2029, Israel possibly going to war with Iran any day, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. What are the signs we have entered into the final 7 years? It certainly is NOT a 7 year peace treaty with Israel. It will be 7 years of conflict and war in Israel. It will be the […]

Part 2 – The 10 Signs of the End Time Generation We learn about how the earth is unprepared for the Wormwood asteroid strike. Then we get into the final signs Jesus gave in Matthew 24 proving whether we are the end time generation or not. If we are the end time generation, we will see Jesus come and rapture us in our lifetime! Matthew 24 gives us the global signs/events in the exact order to show whether or not we are the end time generation. The final signs include the Wormwood asteroid strike right before Jesus raptures His Church. […]

ASTEROId came destroying life

An asteroid slamming into Earth at Chicxulub in what is now Mexico in an undated artist’s rendering. The event reportedly took place around 65 million years ago and wiped out more than half of all species on the planet. Reuters Doomsayer ‘adjusts’ apocalypse date: Now it’s 7 years away — September 2022 Andre Mitchell  14 October 2015 | 4:30 AM THIS IS AN OLD ARTICLE BUT EXTREMELY RELEVANT TO THIS COMING YEAR 2022! For the past months, several predictions about the end of the world have made headlines, causing fears and panic for some. The blood moon astronomical event, the nuclear […]

Apophis and Jewish Feast Days

Photo courtesy of https://unsplash.com/@daveherring Apophis and Jewish Feast Days APOPHIS HITS APRIL 13, 2029 WOULD MEAN: FIFTH TRUMPET MAY START (ALONG WITH THE FIRST 4 TRUMPETS) APRIL 13, 2029, THE DAY OF THE ASTEROID AND LASTS 5 (30 DAY) MONTHS UNTIL:  September 10, 2029 to September 11, 2029 ROSH HASHANAH/YOM TERUAH! Jewish feast days!!! Great potential days for the Resurrection / Rapture (“no man knows the day or hour”) Rev 9:5 NASB  And they were not permitted to kill anyone, but to torment for five months; and their torment was like the torment of a scorpion when it stings a man. […]