“You Are Over the Target” Dream – TRANSCRIPT November 18, 2021

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“You Are Over the Target” Dream – TRANSCRIPT November 18, 2021

i had a dream this

last week november 17th and 18th i was

going to share it and it’s going to be

it’s just a real quick short dream but

there’s a strong principle behind that i

think we all need to stand on that i

know we need to stand on so here it is

i dreamt that i was standing in the dorm

office watching myself in the office uh

chair i was sitting him off his chair i

was speaking to someone who was sitting

in the chair across from me

i was talking about revelation 6 and the

four horsemen apocalypse and i was

discussing the amount of quick and large

numbers of deaths right after the first

writer was released

and i said out loud what i was wondering

the person i was talking to i told the

person that i think it could be related

to the mandates

and what’s going on the arms of people

that caused some of those deaths maybe

six months eight months a year later who

knows you know

and that if that was the case that we

were closer to the

to the writers than we thought and also

closer to the rapture than we thought i

kept talking about theological biblical

needs to be rooted in scripture and

asked asked my office guess what he

thought about what i had just said

and i was still observing from the door

watching myself speak to this person

and then i heard the voice of that

christ character that i hear so often

and he said

you are over the target

but stay grounded in what is revealed in

the scriptures and do not stray from it

and my response to him was simply well

help me do that please and we kept

talking about theological things and

revelation and end time events and then

i shut the door and the conversation

continued in the office and i woke up