Kicking The Can Dream – TRANSCRIPT February 11, 2024 It’s called the “Kicking the Can Dream.” I was walking down the road that I grew up on as a kid. I walked off of my porch and grabbed a Stecan, okay, a Ste-like vegetable can. It appeared to be a spinach can from the 1960s because the wrapper around the paper wasn’t vinyl, it wasn’t glued on, it wasn’t painted on, it was a paper wrapper reminding me of an old ’60s style can. It had a picture of spinach on it, okay? So, I start walking down the road […]

The Doctor Will See You Now Dream – TRANSCRIPT December 10, 2023 “I’m going to be sharing it right now, the doctor will see you now,” is what I’m calling this. Uh, I was sitting in a medical clinic waiting room that was filled with people; some of them were sick and looking weary, some had brought family and friends that were sick, and their carers were watching for them, watching their phones, waiting to hear a name called so they could take their sick back. Imagine the worst hospital waiting room, the worst clinic waiting room full of people, […]

The Yellow Horse Dream Many of you know a couple of weeks ago, I had this dream on Saturday, August 26, so it’s been about three and a half to four weeks since I had it, and on Sunday morning, I began to say, “Hey, folks, if you are Native American or have a background in Native American history, I need to know about the Yellow Horse.” So Sheree, just everybody’s going to know what you’re going to say about the Yellow Horse. So no pressure, no pressure. But let me just share the dream, folks, and then we’ll go […]

Keep Your Eye On The Prize Dream “This dream began with me standing on a very quiet corner in a large city with a Jumbotron-type monitor. They might not use the word “Jumbotron” anymore, but that’s what I think of, so think Times Square in New York. The monitor was streaming the news and the latest stock numbers on the side of downtown buildings. It was very early in the morning, the sun was up, the sun was out, and there were a few people out walking, but they were all holding umbrellas. Even though it was a full sunny […]

The “Let Me Show You Something” Dream “The dream began with me sitting on the top of a very tall tree, looking down on fog and mist that hung over the entire nation. It was covering Canada and Mexico as well. It did not cover the water, just the nation, just the nations. I could see the physical land covered in fog, recovering Canada and Mexico as well, but it looked like the fog was churning, it was moving, it was staying in place over the United States of America, not over Mexico or Canada. It reminded me of a […]

Worse Than You Thought It Would Be Dream The dream began with me sitting on the top of a very tall tree, looking down on fog and mist that hung over the entire nation. It was covering Canada and Mexico as well. It did not cover the water, just the nation, just the nations. I could see the physical land covered in fog, recovering Canada and Mexico as well. But it looked like the fog was churning; it was moving. It was staying in place over the United States of America, not over Mexico or Canada. It reminded me of […]

The Headlines, The Sheep, and The Goats Dream – TRANSCRIPT Jan. 2, 2023 I’ve had this one since actually before January 2nd through January 24th. okay the dream began with a flipping of newspapers and headlines. but one prominent number was heralded there and that being 8 billion. every night of the dream, every single another dream, I saw the headlines that said “8 billion” – “Population 8 billion.” sometimes it was just spelled out b-i-l-l-i-o-n and other times it was the the words eight billion and the number 8  billion. it kept apparent on the front page of the […]

The Canary in the Coal Mine Dream – TRANSCRIPT Dec. 1, 2022 [I] had this dream between December 1st and December 5th. The first three days was pretty much just the first part before I went down and you’ll see in the dream… I’m one of the characters in the dream. but here it is. it’s called, I’m calling it the canary and the coal mine dream. I had a dream that began with me working in an underground coal mine. now I grew up in Indiana – South Central Indiana. and Amax Peabody Coal Mines were very prominent around […]

The Halloween Dream – TRANSCRIPT Oct. 15, 2022 I’m calling it the Halloween dream. I had it Saturday night October 15 2022 and here it is. I was running through a large parking lot filled with cars covered with Christian bumper stickers. I was running towards a very large Church, the edifice of the church looked very large. I didn’t write I did not recognize the church. I knew I was about 15 minutes late. I kept looking at my watch. now something you got to know about me, I am never late. I can’t stand it. I almost have […]

We Are Watching You Dream – TRANSCRIPT September 5, 2022 It started on September 5th through the 12th. Here’s how it went. In the dream I was in an office that appeared to be a Wall Street professional business type office. So it looked like a Wall Street [office]. There was a ticker tape. There was TV screens. You had cubicles. You had paperwork. You had people running back and forth. You had those guys when pushing those mail carts. And you know people were getting drinks off vending machines and the water cooler. It was a very very very […]

The Hail To The Chief Dream – TRANSCRIPT Aug. 13, 2022 I had this dream August 6th, 2022 a week ago Friday night. I had it in Aitkin, South Carolina which I believe is significant. the dream began with me watching a broadcast that was announcing the 2023 State of the Union Address. so once again I’m watching TV. I’m waiting for the State of the Union Address to start, okay. now, I also make something very clear. in this dream I had no indication in my mind, my feeling, my spirit, or what I saw – I had no […]

The Precision Dream – TRANSCRIPT Jul 8, 2022 hey good afternoon everybody and thanks for joining me today as i share a dream i’m calling the precision dream i want to highlight one thing first of all after i share this i encourage you to pray about it and pray through it don’t just listen to me share a dream and say oh well this and that pray about it pray through it i can assure you that i personally spent about 37 to 38 hours praying about this dream that sheree has done the same maybe not that much […]

The Millstone Dream – TRANSCRIPT Jun 3, 2022 hey good afternoon everybody and thank you for hanging out with us for an hour or so i want to thank my good friend sheree god for being a part of this with me and praying over the dreams as you know when i have a dream i send it to her as well i pray she prays i’ve got some some men in my church that pray for me other folks that are praying uh we we don’t do this uh we’re not asking for offerings no money we’re sharing these […]

The Distraction Dream – TRANSCRIPT April 30, 2022 so I’m calling it the distraction dream. it occurred for a little over 15 days April 14th to 30th. so the day after that’s when I sent it to sheree so she’s been working through it and praying about it and I’ve been praying about it as well. here’s the dream. I dreamed that I was watching a large passenger plane with an American flag on the tail. it was not an American airlines flight. it was a just a plane with an American flag on it. it was flying very briskly […]

The Fire Tower Dream – TRANSCRIPT Apr 16, 2022 hey good afternoon everybody appreciate those of you that are stopping by and appreciate you listening um this is a dream called the fire try dream and i’ve had it between march 22 april 13th this literally went on for about four weeks the start of the day the the week before my mother passed away and ended uh just this last week on wednesday it was the same dream for three weeks and then finally things began to shift from it and uh more than anything i don’t share dreams […]

The Shutting Down The Machines Dream – TRANSCRIPT Mar 15, 2022 hey good afternoon everybody thanks so much for joining us today i’m glad to have my friend sherig off with me we’re going to work through a dream that i’ve had this last week it happened march 9th to the 12th it happened over several nights but i really believe that god’s calling the church to pray and more and more the dreams that i’m having i believe are just prayer initiatives god’s trying to wake up the church and get us ready as you watch right now the […]

The Rockwell Dream – TRANSCRIPT Feb 12, 2022 hey everybody pastor danny coverstone i had this dream early this morning right around 4 31 is when i woke up shared it during our prayer event this morning our sound right now because of our internet speed has not been very good at all did not really announce them i’ll be on here doing this i’ve got comments turned off for a reason just doing private chat i want to share this dream it’s called the rockwell dream i think once you hear it you’ll understand why i believe it’s a […]

The 2022 Jets Dream – TRANSCRIPT Feb 2, 2022 hey good afternoon everybody thank you for joining me today as i redo the 2042 jets dream and the vision that i shared earlier just due to some of the technical issues i did take it down that was me i’ve got private chat on so i’m not seeing any comments i’m not going to be distracted by folks i’m just going to share what’s going on and then be done it’s just me today i’ve got some of the notes that sheree sent me though i appreciate her looking at […]

The 3 Dragons Dream – TRASCRIPT Dec 18, 2021 hey good afternoon everybody thank you for joining uh sheree and i today uh grateful to have you with us grateful that there are people who want to want to kind of hear what the what the spirit of god’s doing around the nation and or wants to speak to us and so thank you for being a part um i i really want to emphasize i’m thankful uh i know sheree gets a lot of dreams from people i’m getting dreams every day from people i am grateful that god […]

“You Are Over the Target” Dream – TRANSCRIPT November 18, 2021 i had a dream this last week november 17th and 18th i was going to share it and it’s going to be it’s just a real quick short dream but there’s a strong principle behind that i think we all need to stand on that i know we need to stand on so here it is i dreamt that i was standing in the dorm office watching myself in the office uh chair i was sitting him off his chair i was speaking to someone who was sitting in […]

THE DESERT ROAD DREAM – TRANSCRIPT Oct 20 -26, 2021 *Note: This editor has removed Pastor Dana’s interpretation so as to only record the dream itself. So I’m going to share this dream I’m calling the desert road dream. it went from October 20th to October 26th. in this dream I was walking down a wet road in the middle of a desert. it was dry. it was a clear night. the moon was full. I could see cactus just off the road. I could see a desert landscape of the mesas and the plateaus. and I saw four billboards. […]

The Specialist DREAM – TRANSCRIPT Sep 22, 2021 hey good afternoon everybody uh thanks for stopping in today i’m here with my good friend and colleague so to speak uh sheree goff from arkansas appreciate you being a part of this today sheree appreciate your your camaraderie with you on going through these dreams uh you’ve been a great help and an asset in helping me get the information out but also um your prayer over them and just so you folks know i i shared about a week and a half ago i had i’ve had a dream and […]

Get Out While You Can And Take others With You Dream – TRANSCRIPT August 14, 2021 I had this between august 14th and the 18th. And I want to I want to make a real quick statement before I read through the dream…I just want to let you know that I believe this is a now dream. I believe this isn’t a year from now, two years from now, 10 years from now. I believe this is a now dream. I was standing in front of a hospital watching severe storms all around me. And I saw lots of people […]

Towers, Trains and Chains Dream – TRANSCRIPT July 12, 2021 I had this dream over several different nights: the 12th the 13th the 14th it started. The more was added to it in the 19th and 20th. And then on the 26th of this week, this past week, this week we’re living in right now, the rest of it came…so I’m calling this the towers, trains, and chains dream. The dream began with a large auction on the field where the Washington senators were playing baseball. There was no one in the stands and the lights were off and the […]

WALL STREET BARTER DREAM – TRANSCRIPT Jul 2, 2021 hey good afternoon everybody thank you so much for being with us i see everybody from this from the gulf coast to nebraska to the rockies we got people from all over america thank you for being a part of this and i’m thankful that god is speaking um just this morning i received probably seven different emails from people having dreams uh dreams about jesus saying come up here dreams about people being lifted into the air i’ve had people send me dreams about giving birth to things and they […]

WHO ARE YOU? DREAM – TRANSCRIPT Jun 30, 2021 hey everybody out there and uh i don’t know what you know it used to be tv land now it’s internet land those of you out there in uh in stream yard land thank you for joining us i see someone got off their mower and came inside to listen and cool off so if we can keep you out of the heat we’re glad to do that good to have my good friend sheree golf with me today and gonna share gonna share a dream that i really honestly thought […]

THE TESTING FLOOR & Watchmen and the Fire Wind DREAMS – TRANSCRIPT Jun 9, 2021 hey good afternoon folks appreciate those that have already been on here waiting to to uh hear what’s going on what’s happening i want to thank you for being a part of this uh for those been following since the first stream i’m grateful for that i do not take advan i do not take that for granted by any means um i’m thankful first of all the lord is is waking people up he’s shaking the church he’s shaking the nation and so grateful […]

THE FLAMING SPEAR DREAM – TRASCRIPT Apr 13, 2021 This dream went from April 11th to 19th. I saw a globe. it was sitting on a stand. no hand touched it or moved it but it just began spinning on its own and accelerating at a very very rapid rate. and it began to wobble. it began to wobble on the stand. and there were two male runners who appeared on a running track. but this running track was just a straight track. it went on for miles and miles and miles. but between the two runners there was a large […]

Rats in the Sewer Dream – TRANSCRIPT Apr 7, 2021 hey everybody i want to thank you for joining us this afternoon i’ve got sheree goff uh a good friend and sister in christ pastor’s wife there in arkansas works in the prophetic someone who i’ve come to trust and appreciate in this in this new arena that i’ve been walking in since uh june of last year and i’m going to be sharing a dream today i’m simply calling it the rats in the sewer dream and i had it between march 18th and even just recently when i […]

Biden’s House – A Series of Dreams – TRANSCRIPT Mar 13, 2021 hey good morning everybody so glad to have you with us i already see we’ve got folks from great britain france um all the way i’ll say aloha to the one in hawaii who’s watching this morning uh many many states represented want to thank you for coming on and listening um and i want to appreciate those of you who have been praying about the dreams and following through and not just taking them running with them i when i have these dreams i share them with […]