Three Prophetic Dreams – TRANSCRIPT Jun 25, 2020

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Three Prophetic Dreams from Pastor Dana TRANSCRIPT – Jun 25, 2020

Dream 1
Back in December I had a dream and in
that dream I saw calendar
starting January 2020. and it was being
flipped. and I saw January I saw February
I saw March. and when March came up a
hand held it and I saw a
finger underlined the month of March and
then tap it three times… so underlined
the month of March tapped it three times.
so to me it was emphasis. something’s
gonna happen in March. and then I saw
April May June. and when June came the
hand underlined June again and tapped it
three times. then in the vision I saw
people marching. I saw protests.
I saw people wearing masks. I saw lines
going into hospitals.
I saw typical medical doctors with
needles or syringes.
I saw people on ventilators. I saw people
who were very very sick ,very very ill.
I saw newspaper headlines trumpeting
thousands of people getting sick.
I saw ambulances just flying down roads.
and then I saw I saw cities on fire. I
saw buildings being burned.
I saw protesters with masks. I saw people
who had their fists in the air,
people who were yelling and screaming
angry at just at the world.
I saw court houses. I saw state houses
surrounded. I saw people who were mad at
the world. I saw I saw guns, shotguns
specifically put in the air held like
this. and I saw barriers within cities.
I told several men in my church about
this and I can confirm who those men
were and they’ll confirm that what I’m
telling you is what I told them. I saw
absolute chaos. and the other thing I saw
was vultures flying over large cities.
not just the ones that were burning but
I saw vultures flying over the cities.
and I saw smoke rising. and I saw I saw
people fearful. I saw people terrified. I
saw people inside their homes and
looking out the windows the curtains of
their windows and with guns in their
hands because there was absolute fear.
then I heard the words “brace yourself,
brace yourself.”
Dream 2
on Monday night I had another dream. and
it woke me from my bed. I’ve made notes
about it. I shot some video myself just
making sure I can remember. but here’s
what I saw. I saw a calendar. start with
the calendar. and as I was having this
the calendar was up, a white figure
appeared. and to me it was it was a
representing God the Holy Spirit
something pure something righteous
something true something holy, because
there was nothing nothing sinister about
it nothing evil. but I heard the voice
say “part two, part two.”  and I saw June go
up, I saw July, I saw August, and then I
saw September. and I saw the finger
underneath the word September and I
liked emphasizing it and tapped it three
times. and then I saw October come up and
then I saw November. and this is when it
got real to me in the dream. I think the
intensity according my Fitbit when I
woke up my heart rate was about 180 .so
that was Monday night. there’s also a
night that I woke up not feeling very
well at all. I was up during the night
not feeling well. but anyway, that minute
the finger underlined November 3 times but
instead of tapping it, I saw a fist ball
up and it hit the calendar. and literally
the calendar exploded into the wall. the
numbers seemed that there were 3D, they
were falling they were just flying
and there was a cloud of chaos that
started. and then the next thing I saw
was I saw I saw armed protesters. I saw
fighting in the streets. I saw people
pummeling one another. I saw businesses
shuttered and shut up. I saw I saw
schools closed.
I saw school rooms with cobwebs hanging
in them and like things like papers
falling off the wall and posters. felt
like no one had been in them for months.
I saw banks, Bank buildings, with the
roofs being taken off. and looked almost
like alien abduction because money was
just flying through the roof into some
type of like a vacuum cleaner. that
sounds kind of strange but I was
watching wealth just being taken. I saw
politicians in back rooms making deals
with people patting, you know patting
people in the back and laughing and
smiling and smirking. and I saw monuments.
I saw I saw Washington DC burning.
I saw Washington DC blazing. I saw fires
everywhere. I saw people being rounded up.
I saw Chinese and Russian soldiers on
the ground. and Russian soldiers were
telling the Chinese soldiers to go and
pick up these people, round up these
people, secure this quadrant, secure this
area. I saw blue helmets of the UN. I saw
military things taking place.
I also saw no sign of President Trump.
I saw no sign of leadership in
Washington DC. but the vultures that I
had seen were now like gargoyles. and
there were ten feet off the ground ten
to fifteen feet off the ground. and they
were just attacking people
mercilessly. I saw people hiding in their
homes and garages.
I saw churches being burned. I saw homes
being burned.
I saw absolute chaos. and the fist punch
on the November of 2020 is what got my
attention. and then I heard the words
again “brace yourself, brace yourself,
brace yourself.”


Addendum added to second dream from interview on The Prophecy Club June 06, 2020:
I saw the index
finger underlined the word November. it
didn’t tap it. at that time I saw a fist
ball up and it hit. it just hit the
calendar. it was almost as if the
calendar went flying back into the wall.
I saw the numbers that had been like
posted on the little blocks of the
calendar, I saw those numbers just fly into the
air. and immediately I saw the same type
of scenes that I was seeing from the
dream back in December but it was more
intense. I saw Russian and Chinese troops.
I saw men wearing blue and it didn’t say
U.N. on it but the blue helmets are
typically you know United
Nations type of things. [I saw Russian soldiers telling
Chinese soldiers pointing about. they
were talking about different quadrants,
“go secure this location” “go secure
that area.” I saw the blue hats in the
context of those soldiers
that were moving. so it wasn’t people
being rounded up, it was soldiers making
strategic coordinated [don’t know if it was] called a
lockdown or what. but what I saw was
soldiers being told where to go what to
do. pointing. I saw equipment being you know.
I saw trucks.
I saw vehicles I saw military type
vehicles being moved.
I saw troops marching and not like huge
huge huge amounts of troops but I saw
troop movement, Chinese soldiers
specifically, Russian soldiers. the things
that were on their shoulders – I could
tell by that [who they were].  the Chinese obviously
because of the physical characteristics
and the UN hats. all I saw was heads and
helmets. there was no nationality no
color no race no no creed with that, but
that’s what I saw. I saw but I saw troops
here on the ground here occupying.]

but I saw looting
and saw burning and I saw mass absolute
chaos. I see people running. I saw
and heard in my vision and dream
gunfire – constant gunfire. I saw people
now hiding in their homes looking out
the windows in a dark room with a gun in
their hand and looking back to check you
know to check on their families and
things like that.
but I saw people everywhere. I saw
capitols surrounded. I saw state houses
capital state your state capitols
surrounded. I saw people screaming and
making demands that were almost just
outrageous. in the dream back in December
I had seen vultures over major cities
including especially Washington DC. and I
saw the Washington Monument.
I saw the Lincoln Memorial. I saw the
White House. and I saw that all the
curtains were pulled in the White House
especially in the Oval Office. and
everything in the sky was dark. and
it wasn’t like a storm – it was almost as
if it was nighttime. as I looked at the
White House the windows were shut. I saw
nobody moving around. then I had a
picture of inside the actual Oval Office.
and here’s what I saw cuz I’ve had a lot
of folks that have you know I said when
I posted this I didn’t see Trump. and my
reference to that wasn’t support or a
lack of support for the president. I
was simply say in the fact that I
saw no one in that office. no one was
sitting in the seat. there was no cabinet
members there. there was no secretary.
there was nobody in that room. in other
words what it said to me was at this
moment we were leaderless. and that’s the
thing that stood out to me.  I saw the flags. in the
Oval Office was the resolute
desk which has some pretty historical
significance you know-  the one that
Kennedy had sat at. so I’m not even sure
if Donald Trump uses that in the office
or what desk he has. but I saw that desk
and I saw nobody sitting at it. the other
thing that flashed through my mind at
that moment was I saw a long conference
table and I saw, and I’m gonna be very
specific about this,
I saw senators. I did not see Congress. I
did not see anybody in leadership. I saw
members of the Senate – it was just the
Senate. I’m not gonna say who I saw but I
know that I recognized the faces and
would know the names. and I saw them
sitting in a room that was very peaceful.
there was no rush or no panic even
though outside in the windows of that
room I could see there were fires
burning there was chaos outside. these
men were very very resolute.
they were very very patient. they were
looking at their watches. they were in no
hurry. and the other thing that I saw on
the table, stands out to me as well, was
briefcases. now in our day and age
briefcases are not even you know they’re
a thing of the past. but I saw piles
stacks and stacks and stacks and piles
and piles of briefcases on this long
conference table where these men were
talking about. I also saw the former
senator who was out of the Dakota area
so to speak and I saw him handing
folders [out]. now I don’t know what was in
these these file folders. they were
sealed with a clasp. he was pushing these
file folders to different ones of those
senators. and they were folding that
putting in those briefcases and then
locking everything. but once again they
weren’t in a hurry to get anywhere. after
that scene hit I began to see more chaos
in the skies -just terrible. think [like] the
signs and wonders in the heavens.

Dream 3
the second dream I had
last night and it woke me up. in this
dream we just had a yard sale to help
fund a and a team going to Ecuador this
next year. and we had a yard sale. and I
had asked our secretary to get us some
change for that
yard sale. so in the dream that I’m
having I walked to the bank, I walk into
the bank to get some change. and on the
door it says there’s no change available.
I saw the sign and it registered on my mind.
and I walked on in and the president of
the local bank was at the teller station.
and she was gonna be taking care
of business. and I said I need to get ten
dollars in quarters for yard sale. and
she said I’m sorry but the US Mint is no
longer making change,
like pennies nickels dimes quarters half
dollars. we’re not doing that anymore. I
said well what do you mean? she said they
stopped doing it. and I said well how are
we gonna be able to charge a $1.50
for anything? and she said prepare for
hyperinflation. just charge two
dollars. and then she said to me in the
dream oh and by the way $1 and $5 bills
will follow soon after that. and then I
heard those words “brace yourself, brace
yourself, brace yourself.” and I woke up.
Personal comments: The event of the second dream are not to all be fulfilled in that year. We do no know what year all of the dream will be completely fulfilled.