The Headlines, The Sheep, and The Goats Dream – TRANSCRIPT Jan. 2, 2023

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The Headlines, The Sheep, and The Goats Dream – TRANSCRIPT Jan. 2, 2023

I’ve had this one since actually before
January 2nd through January 24th.

okay the dream began with a flipping of

newspapers and headlines. but one

prominent number was heralded there and

that being 8 billion.

every night of the dream, every single

another dream, I saw the headlines that

said “8 billion” – “Population 8 billion.”

sometimes it was just spelled out

b-i-l-l-i-o-n and other times it was the

the words eight billion and the

number 8  billion. it kept apparent on

the front page of the newspapers that I

saw. and they kept appearing on the front

pages those papers as they flipped from

one page to another and from one

newspaper to another.

and I saw different places Miami, Chicago,

New York, Washington DC, Indianapolis. I pastored

in Terre Haute for nine years. I saw the

headlines [of] the Tribune Star – the Terre Haute

Tribune Star. so I saw different

newspapers from around the nation.

that other headlines

began to appear with high crime, poverty,

and world chaos highlighting those

things that were going on.

there were headlines about school

violence, of teachers locking themselves in their

rooms and calling 9-1-1 to be rescued

from marauding gangs of students intent

on violence. those were the kind of

headlines that I saw. there were headlines of food shortages

and starvation. there were headlines of people leaving

cities for the safety of rural communities. but those stuck in the

cities arming themselves and barricading

their homes and apartments. I saw highways lined up for miles with

cars with many running out of gas and

those families begging to get out of the

area with people who still had gas. they

were beating on the windows and saying

“please let me in. I’ll give you money.

I’ll give you this. I’ll give that. please

take me. please take me with you.”

the headlines the number 8 billion would

appear again. I’d see people groups from

around the world from Nations

where the same chaos was occurring.

I saw people worldwide struggling to

provide for themselves and to protect

themselves. crime was out of hand headline wise.

one headline read “Washington Paralyzed

in Nationwide Crime Wave.”

and then I saw a field that was full of

people from the nation’s – different races

clothing, language. and but they were all

in a tight circle looking up at the sky

but not moving. the headlines returned with these type

of headlines, “Weather Anomalies

Questioned.” [added later: People are saying, How in the world are we getting this much rain?, or this much ice?, or this much snow? why is Austin Texas having some of the issues they’ve had two years in a row?]  “Death Rates Unparalleled in

2023.” and this was an interesting [one], “College Lost at Sea.”

and then the field returns into my sight.

and the people would still be looking up

but with more expectation. [added later: They were not downtrodden]

one headline then stood out “Banks

Becoming Regionalized” “60% of Bank Branches to Close by

2027.” another read, “Summer is Not Coming.”

as well as, “President Who??”

that’s what the headline said, “President Who??” with a couple question marks

behind it. then the field came back into view. and

the people are stirring but yet watching

the sky. one other headline displayed.

it said, “Mattresses Useless Now – Cash Not

Worth Hiding.” suddenly the atmosphere changed

and the sky got extremely bright. and I

saw another field but this one was full

of goats and sheep. the field that I was seeing in

this dream, it was jammed full of sheep

and goats. and they were all just kind of

intermingled out there. all kind of

hanging around each other. but the sheep were white and the goats

were gray. and the Sheep were looking up and around

and watching cautiously. in other words,

all the sheep were aware, they were

watching. they’d eat and then they’d put

their heads back up and look around, look

but they were cautious. they were not

scared. they were not terrified. they were

just cautious. they were… I would call it situational

awareness. the goats were eating and bumping into

both other goats and the sheep. and the

goats were oblivious to their

surroundings. and even seemed to be

bothering the other animals around them.

now there was a faint darkening of the

skies. and that’s when I saw the man that I see

walk up to the gate at the front of the

big field. He walked up quietly with a shepherd’s

staff in his right hand. He simply gazed at the animals within

the fence. the goats paid no attention but the

sheep began to walk towards

the gates – some moving quicker than

others. the shepherd opened the gate and very

firmly said the word, “Come.”

not loud, not soft, just “Come.” It was a

very very firm way of saying it.

so he says “Come.” and at once the sheep

began lining up and walking out through

the gate. the shepherd had moved the staff to his

left hand and had knelt down to one knee.

and as each sheep walked by, it came near

to him, and began to pass by

he drew them near to him and he embraced

them. so he’s on his knee, staff in his left hand,

and as the sheep come up, he embraces them

with his right hand. and they begin to nuzzle, they begin to

[unintelligible] and rub up against that inner part

of his arm, kind of where your floating rib would be.

and then they went on.

now the shepherd kept his eyes on the

gate. and here’s the thing that really

got my attention. as the Sheep came, he didn’t look at

the sheep, he kept his eyes on the gate.

he would reach down, he would just embrace the sheep and love on it

but he kept his eyes on the gate watching what was coming through.

Shepherd kept his eyes on the gate

embraced each sheep as it went by.

and there was a goat that tried to get into the line.

and the shepherd stood up, walked over,

grabbed it by the horns and slowly

simply walked it back to the area away

from the gate. he then tapped the ground with the staff

one time, pointed at the goats just like this [pointing finger].

tapped it, pointed the goats, and just looked along that side where the

goats were. he then walked back to the gate, with his right hand waved the sheep in

line on. and he said, “Come.” same attitude of voice. the same

level of volume. and I watched, I watched as hundreds of

sheep were embraced that passed by the shepherd.

he then looked at me and he said, “Get ready to get in line for I’m coming soon.

the Spirit and the Bride say ‘Come.’ and I say soon.”

if you’ve been to our prayer events or

you watch our worship online, you know

that one of the songs I love to have our

our worship team sing is that song “Soon”

by Daniel Amos. and so in the dream when he said those

words to me, I began to weep,

just began to cry because I love that

song. I find myself singing that song a

whole lot because the words are the same, “The

Spirit and the Bride say come and I say

Soon.” and when he said, “I said soon”  the sheep

began to dance and jump. and I heard as it were angelic voices

worshiping the God of the universe. it

was just almost like surround sound around me.

that was the voice of angels singing.

and then the sky turned a brilliant

white with a beautiful blue hue to it.

and I woke up.


that was the dream. but I want to share. rather than put all

of the headlines into the dream because

it would be almost like ad

infinitem, I didn’t want to just

overwhelm people with the headlines.

but I’m going to share with you now

the other headlines that I saw.

just quickly run through them.

Sex Crime Units Overwhelmed in Southern

Big Cities.”


“Rampant STDs Killing Elderly.”


“The Zombie Apocalypse – New Drugs

Turning Users into Walking Dead.”


next headline, “Who is Killing the Unelected Movers in

the Political and Medical World?”


next headline, “Governments Tracking

Assassination Teams Crossing Borders.” now

this did not say American borders. This said governments.

Plural. Plural. “Governments Tracking

Assassination Teams Crossing Borders.”


next headline I saw, “Gun Grabs Lead to

Standoffs Nationwide.”


Another headline – cryptic headline, “’Pagans

Are Us’ Lead the Polls.”


“Underground Spy Network Links Congress

to White House.”


this is a very disturbing one for me, the

next headline. “Cancel the Cross Events

Hosted in Democratic Cities.”


next headline, “Unholy Trinity of D.C

Leaders Intends to Erase Morality Definition.”


next headline. “Gates WHO and WEF Fixed Standards –

Medical Tyranny on Steroids.”


Okay, next headline. “Launched! Poke the Bear, Face Incineration.”


and the last headline that I saw just from early this week.

“The West Knows What It’s Doing. They Have Swallowed the Pill and Got It

Down with Poison.”


So those are the headlines that I saw

repeatedly over and over and over

throughout the several weeks of the