Prophetic Dream About November 2020 – TRANSCRIPT August 17, 2020

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Prophetic Dream About November 2020 – TRANSCRIPT August 17, 2020

Monday night august the 17th
I dreamt I saw a calendar month in
it was bent. it was torn. it was dirty.
I saw trees in the backgrounds that were
leafless but there were a few trees that
still had scarce amount of leaves on
them. and they had turned, the leaves that were
still in those trees had turned like it
was about to rain.
The sky was a dull gray with extreme cloud
cover. I hardly ever see sunny skies in these
dreams – that’s one thing I know for sure.
I saw that finger appear and it circled
November 3rd
continuously. and it continued in a
clockwise direction.
and then suddenly it changed it
counterclockwise and these images began
to appear. I saw
cities on fire (which was nothing new). I saw headlines that
read, “Trump Victory Challenged Everywhere.” it
was on digital marquees like in New York,
Times Square – places like that.  there were
protesters in the streets. they were
weary and asleep and they
appeared dirty and dingy like they had
not slept or showered in weeks. and this
bell rang and suddenly these people like come to
life. they woke up and they started salivating
like a dog, like Pavlov’s dog situation.
big buckets of saliva. and it seemed to
stain their shirts.
and I saw people screaming and getting
violent over the election results.  people were firing weapons just randomly
in the air, in the sky.
people were angry and people were mad.
I saw a person with a sign that said “the
obvious winner is not so obvious” like a
placard like, you know,
[a] “the world’s about to end. God is coming” signs.
but so the obvious winner is not
so obvious. and he held his head in shame.
but the crowd was it was in a frenzy.
hatred – they were even hitting
each other with, you know, with their signs and
their banners. and their wrath and I saw
more cities
with pillars of smoke over them like
like the wild firestorms
in California right now. I saw
crumbled and burned out buildings in
Washington DC.
not monuments but businesses and
commercial real estate.
headlines declared that “rebuilding would
take time and trust would take even
longer.” and government could
not do it in a timely fashion. and
that’s when I saw
a treasury official who’s in the
Treasury Department right now
wink like as almost as if he was looking
at a camera on TV.
[a] big smile open mouth wink with [his] right eye
and held it closed and just kind of, you
know, almost like a sarcastic type thing. and
then I saw a Conestoga wagon – think “Little
House on the Prairie.”
and Kamala Harris was driving that wagon.
it was led by two mules.
and Joe Biden was not sitting with
Kamala Harris. Joe Biden was riding on
one of the mules on the left –
on the far left so to speak. at her side
was a mechanical box that would
trigger dynamite – like you would see in
the Wylie Coyote movies, you know, or
cartoons where they push down it and it blows
up. it was in an upright position though
like the trigger [was set].
and then the wind started blowing the
wagon covering back and revealed several
cases of what I would consider to be Civil War
type cases of dynamite. that era of the
late 1800’s, 1860’s, 1870’s.
and most of it was in cases – stamped
dynamite, stamped dynamite. there were
some loose loose ones in a like a an open wicker
basket which didn’t fit the timeline but it was
there. and Harris began to whip the mules
with the whip. and she was hitting
Joe Biden as well but Biden
had no idea he was being whipped – he was
not aware of what was happening.
and the mule started moving and picking
up speed. they were headed  towards a car
a target. and this is where I saw
Hillary Clinton was standing behind
President Trump.  President Trump was on
his knees. and she was wearing like a Wilma
Flintstone dress.  there were patches where it had not been
finished yet. it wasn’t seamed up. it
wasn’t sealed up. the collar wasn’t on.
there were like little strings just
hanging all over the place. it wasn’t finished.
it wasn’t actually ready to be
worn I guess for prime time or whatever
what she was doing. it was very ugly.
and she had this gaudy
gaudy ring on her index finger. it looked
like it had blood on it.
she had the skeleton key hanging from
her neck. and it was dangling.
basically she had Donald Trump
[who] was on his knees. and she had a
Roman Gladius knife to his
to the left side – it was the left side of
his throat holding his head back like
that. and the skeleton key was dangling
in front of his face.
and the skeleton key looked like it had
blood and black mold
all over it. and where it had leaned down,
where it was banging against the front
of her shirt, it looked like it left like
a Nazi symbol.
the Nazi Storm Troopers had
the lightning symbol –
the double pane of lightning. that’s what it looked
like on the front of her shirt.
I’m not saying she’s a Nazi, I’m just
saying that symbol was
on her shirt.
and it was like just tainted, stained,
black, red, ugly, gaudy.
and the wagon starts picking up speed.
and they’re headed towards this
Hillary Clinton holding
Donald Trump.
and Hillary’s face was giddy.
but next to her leg there was like an
animal trap –
a large like a bear trap.
and suddenly Trump grabs the key and he
pulls it down like this – well he grabbed
with his left hand.
when she came down he brought his right
hand up and hit her in the face in the
chin. when she did that she dropped the knife
and she stepped back.
and the president [Trump] began to run off
quickly. well then she steps into the trap.
and she’s trying to get out. and
she’s trying to pick up the knife,
she can’t lean over, she
can’t get [out of] the trap, she can’t pick up the knife.
as the president runs, he’s running
towards the Beast which is [the name of] the [presidential] car
he is usually in. I hear 3
gunshots and they’re handgun shots – this is
not a shotgun or a rifle. this is a
handgun shot. I hear three shots fired.
Out of nowhere I see 3 different…
It happens like there’s one shot… and another… then
another. but as Trump is running to the Beast,
a Secret Service agent
jumps in front and gets one of the
bullets,  and then rolls the ground.
Trump keeps running. the second shot is
fired. another Secret Service agent jumps
in front of Trump
and takes the shot and hits the ground.
and then the third Secret Service agent
jumps in front of the third bullet that
comes at him. and then he gets into the Beast. at that
moment what I saw was
Secret Service agents were around
the Beast. but instead of normal
modern traditional AR-15s or guns,
they had muskets. but the other thing I
noticed in the dream that none of them
were wearing glasses.
most of the Secret Service agents that I’ve
always seen have always had sunglasses.
and I noticed in the dream,
they’re all standing around the car
looking out with the muskets like this [pointing outward].
nobody has it like this [pointing up; not ready to fire]. they’ve got
they’ve got the muskets up and they’re
and they’re looking around; they’re
surrounding the car looking out from the
car. the car is moving slowly and they’re
moving with the car.
so those are the things I’m seeing now.
Hillary tried to pull her leg away she
couldn’t and finally the wagon struck her.
it was just a huge explosion. and in
in the explosion it through the carcasses
of the mules up on top of the building rubble. and the
smoke was coming off like they’ve been grilled or something.
Biden was laying face down in the middle
of the street and a wheel tracks over
the back of him. and there was a vulture
sitting on his head. I’m
not trying to make fun – I’m not trying to
disrespect anyone in political
leadership at this moment.
those that know me know how I feel about
certain people and leadership but I
still pray for these people.
Harris was crying in disbelief
and her tears looked like they were the size of quarters.
it was almost like she was crying
quarters  – the tears were as big as
quarters. and appeared like they were
–  it looked like quarters coming out of her eyes.
there was a huge hole in the ground.
buildings were collapsed.
and then I saw the Church. there was a
separation line.
and there was no middle ground – no middle
ground left as the sides literally (but I guess at this time of the dream) the sides had been
taken. there’s fire on the altars and the
churches around the nation.
and the fire moved on the heads of
people who had been praying.
and above the heads of many people in
the church I saw an actual
question mark symbol above their head. and they
appeared confused by what they were
seeing in the world in church. and I
heard a voice say “those who refuse to
get ready, will be wanting in the end.
so brace yourself and tell others that I
have warned them to brace themselves for
they are about to see even more
shocking things.” Friday night August 21st I simply saw
the white figure appear.
He raised a finger to the sky and He said
“ready or not nation,
here it comes. brace yourself.”
just a rather quick and simple, you know,
play on hide and seek I guess.


And last night Monday August 24th I saw
calendar. it was turning the month of
November. it had shadows flickering all over it. I saw
this light in the sky, a big light,
very large bright light and then
darkness. and then I began to make out like
it was morning. and the night was
going away and the fog and the haze were
drifting away.
and I saw many Americans and
they were in like an emergency shelter.
I’m not for sure but it seemed to me it
was more along the gulf coast area.
these people were huddled together and
they were shivering.
there were individuals laying on cots
and there were suitcases all
over the place. and a lot of desperate
looks on the faces of most everyone.
there were encouragers in the crowd
though. they all were wearing crosses.
and they stood out emotionally
from everyone else because they seemed
to have hope.
they had smiles on their face – everybody
else was just downtrodden and [in] despair,
angry, frustrated, confused.
and they were checking on people. they
were trying to show patience and
kindness but at times they were met
with anger and told to go away.
but the encouragers just kept doing what
they were doing in spite of the
manifested upset of several in the shelters. and I
saw businesses that were shuttered.
in the bigger cities I saw a gas station
it looked like that just people just
walked away from.
I saw headlines and one read “Shock
and awe in the US.”
and one read “UN steps in to help
host nation.” and the nation was quiet.
there wasn’t war or riots or people
fighting or screaming or yelling. the
nation was quiet almost like it
had  not awoken from a
bad dream yet – that’s what I was kind of
sensing. the nation was fitful. it was suspicious,
it was leery.
I saw people just quietly looking around
and taking everything in with their eyes.
hesitant. it’s like they were
expecting something to happen.
and the sun was shining behind the
clouds but it was not out yet.
the white figure appeared again and he
said “remain braced
as this calm comes before a gathering
storm. recovery will have a hard time finding. remain
braced as this calm comes before a gathering
storm. that recovery will have a hard time


Transcriber’s comments: The finger went counter clockwise to show what would have happened if Trump won in November 2020 – the cities would have burned. Clockwise represents what did happen = possibly the second dream.