OCTOBER Warning from God – TRANSCRIPT Aug 13, 2020

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OCTOBER Warning from God – Aug 13, 2020 TRANSCRIPT

I had a dream on Monday night
August 10th…So I dreamt I was in the month of
October. I saw the month of October
as a calendar and was waving like
was being blown by a
by a strong wind. not a fitful wind. not
violent, just kind of a fitful wind you
know. I saw a finger appear and it pointed to
the second week of October.
and it dragged the finger through the
third week of the month. so
it covered second and third week of
October. and then it pointed October 31st and it
held the position.
it just kind of tapped it and held it.
the first thing I saw was a rock it came
flying out of the sky and it landed in a
large pond and the ripples
started off small but then it became
like vicious waves.
like when the wind begins to blow
stronger and the ripples start to go
further out. I saw federally elected officials faces
I recognized. I saw specific state governors. I saw
agency leaders. and I saw just radicals like the people
you’d see in Portland or Seattle
or  Minneapolis.
but they had wicks coming out of their
head almost like a like a firecracker
with like a firework
wick. and the second week of October is when I
saw simultaneously all those wicks coming
out of the heads were lit on fire.
federal officials had heads that were
the shape of like an old m80.
those folks from the 70s and 80s
remember those. the governors had
heads shaped like the black cat
firecrackers that you know the one and a
half two inch firecrackers.
everybody else had the smaller like
fireworks. these people are talking and they’re
starting to get animated they’re they’re
yelling they’re screaming.
the facial images went from normal and
calm to red face
jumping to an absolute out of your mind
primal scream.
everybody’s head blew up at the same
time. these people were still alive but
their heads had blown up.
and this resulted in sparks and debris
flying all over the area
where they were standing and it started
fires around them.
and then I saw the protests that were
taking place that were still taking
place in October. they went up another notch because the
the bystanders were part of the protests and that were
there that were not being very very
violent and not really getting as
involved the protesters basically said if you’re
not doing that you’re not one of us. and
they begin to assault those protesters
who were not deemed as violent or as
vicious as they should be.
and I saw some of those protesters left
on the side of the road almost like they
were dead. they’d been beaten because they weren’t
protesting like the other ones were. they
weren’t doing all those things that they
should have done.
if they weren’t complicit they were beat
on. I saw the elderly people
and this is what got me I saw elderly
people being attacked.
it was an attack on older Americans the
people that hold the constitution dear
the flag dear. the people that have the common
sense values, commitment to faith, and biblical
principles. I even saw people trying to get into
nursing homes and nursing facilities to
attack older people. that’s what I saw in the dream.
and then I saw a hundred dollar bill a
big hundred dollar bill about the size
of a flag. it was hanging like a flag on a pole. it
was burning from one corner.
and it was being lowered like at the end
of the day. and I saw people their hands
over their hearts and they were crying
because their god of money was just being
lowered, it was it had lost its value.
and it burned until it was about a third
of it left. there was a celebration. people were
celebrating while some Americans were just
devastated and torn up by what they saw happening.
there were people celebrating the dollar
had died and was dying – the value of the American
dollar. there was someone even playing taps in
the background. and then I saw churches small churches
small groups of people kneeling and
praying. they were wrestling in prayer
with the spirit of the age.
these people were protected by bubbles,
bubbles of safety or angels
guarding them around or guarding around
them. and these were the faithful core of the
church that had not been compromised in
their values and their faith.
they were being encouraged to stay to
stand strong they were being encouraged
to keep preaching, praying, believing.
and there were relentless attacks
against them. just like the ones I saw in
the September dream, there was just
relentless attacks against them.
but they stayed faithful. they were in
the heat of the battle, they were praying
they were fighting, they were wrestling,
and I said with the spirit of the age.
but they were fighting to stay faithful.
and there were very few in numbers but
that didn’t bother them. and I saw behind
each of these people praying I saw a
small gate. and I was reminded of Matthew 7 :13-14:
enter by the narrow gate, entered by the
small road. they never stood up even though they’d walked
through that gate ,they just they were
right there beside it.
then I saw puffed up pastors and I saw
puffed up prophets with
very expensive suits. and they were
preaching against the idea of
persecution coming. they promised prosperity.
they promised health and wealth and only
good things. and they spoke like their words as they
spoke their words were like they were
slurred, like they were drunk.
and suddenly their clothes were coming
off, their tie was loosened and taken off,
their shirt was taken off.
pretty soon they were standing there
completely naked. and I saw this rug
pulled out from underneath them and they
go flying up in the air. they’re trying
to cover their their modesty while they’re up in the
air but as they were floating there I saw
money flying out from
them – all the money that they’d gotten
from all the prophecies and ministries
and things they’d done
selfishly. I saw that money just kind of
flying. but when they landed on the ground, this
is another thing that just really got me,
all of them that landed on the ground
that were all puffed up.
they bit through their tongues as they landed.
and pieces of those tongues went flying.
and they were trying to reach out to
grab them but they were beyond the reach.
I was reminding the story of the
emperor’s new clothes.
they were exposed and the scene went
back to those that were praying,
and the warfare was still tense but the
present strength
was obvious in those that were praying.
and then it switched
to one last scene – I saw clowns in suits,
like circus clowns. and they were they
were pouring buckets of oil
and grease on the ground in front of
election venues.  the sign said the election is so
many days away, so many weeks away.

but these clowns were dancing and acting
like clowns. they were juggling.
and there were people trying to get to
to vote but they were slipping ,they were
sliding past the doors and they couldn’t
get in to vote. and the clowns were actually trying to
distract these people from doing
what they were supposed to do.
and they were they were doing it in a
professional way, they were juggling,
they were doing skits but the skits were
sinister and they were abusive. and they watched
anybody  approaching the venue, the building
where they were going to vote,
they looked at them with suspicion and
angst.  they were doing everything they could
to keep people from voting. they were
trying to distract them from what was
going on. and then I saw this big billboard
it said “Passover 2021
big things are coming for the world.
big things are coming for the world.”
and that white figure appeared.
He said “do not stop bracing, for the storm
will not pass until I stop the storm.
so brace brace brace yourselves
and don’t look back.”