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This dream went from April 11th to 19th. I saw a globe. it was sitting on a stand.

no hand touched it or moved it but it just began spinning on its own and accelerating at a very very rapid rate. and it

began to wobble. it began to wobble on the stand. and there were two male runners who appeared on a running track. but this

running track was just a straight track. it went on for miles and miles and miles. but between the two runners there was a

large wall probably 20 feet high. so they couldn’t see each other. they

each had a spear with a fire like torch on the end that was burning very bright. and the flames shot up from the tip. now

it did not appear as if it was a torch or had fabric wrapped around it. It was just a sharp piece of metal that

was on fire and both runners had it. one was wearing a multi-colored outfit like you would see in the Olympics.

and he was stretching and balancing as if preparing to run. the other one was wearing a solid white

outfit like a track outfit but was not moving at all. he was

standing in place almost without breathing. he was sworn the guy was a mannequin at first.

a man then appeared standing on the wall above the runners in a very expensive suit jacket.

but he was wearing runner shorts underneath and runner’s shoes. so very very strange

looking outfit. and he carried a starters pistol. and he said to the motionless runner

wearing the white he said “you must pace yourself and win.” and at this the runner simply nodded and

cracked his neck. the man in the colorful runner’s outfit was not addressed at all.

the man then called out “to your mark.” and when he did this the runner wearing the multi-colored outfit took a running start

and through the flaming spear into the atmosphere – just threw it in the air. then he took

his place at the line in the runner’s blocks. the motionless man moved into position

but did not get down to the block. so almost like not an official start in that sense. but he leaned down and he

tapped the end of the spear in the ground and then he spit on the flame and it exploded. it exploded to the point that his hair

caught on fire but he was not hurt. his hair was burning but like a burning bush but he was not hurt.

and the man called “ready.” then he fired the pistol and the two men took off.

now one the multi-colored man ran very very quickly and very determined.

the fiery man just took off at a jog. and because the wall between them neither man could see the other.

then I saw a bright crimson red calendar with a crisp white letters that had a thick black

outline on the letters. so they stood out, they were shadowed. and I saw May 2021. and two hands like

this [hands balled up touching one another like un-rolling a scroll] kind of like how your hands will just kind of unleash something. and these two hands were

unrolling this but they were holding on to his blood-covered calendar. and they were rolling it out and down.

and I saw June, July, August, and September. they were unrolled and they hung below

May. and September was touching the ground. so he’s standing here like this with these, with the calendar in his hand, bloody

bloody hands, and the calendars all the way down the ground from May to September. and September is touching the

ground. then the scene changed to a map of Europe. and it went through Russia, China,

down to the Middle East, the Mediterranean. Israel was seemingly also overemphasized on this map.

I saw leaders in Russia, China, Israel, western Europe. these were modern leaders.

and they had these high-powered binoculars. and they were watching the United States. and they were telling individuals to write down the things

that they were seeing. they were getting excited. they were pumping fists in the air, patting each other on the backs.

and they were waving their nation’s flags feverishly. I saw military leadership in the rooms.

and the leaders were whispering in their ears. and then would get on a phone and whisper as well.

and I could then see blood dripping down onto the counter from those hands that were holding it. it was going all the

way through September. then I saw fires all over America. and I saw cities on

lockdown. I saw flags that were at half mast. and they began to fade into smoke.

and there were many American military groups on the ground directing traffic and keeping a close watch on the streets.

and then I saw the colorful runner running very hard. and his hand was on the wall the entire time but just brushing it. so

he’s running very hard his hand is against that wall. and he was saying “wake up!”  “wake them up!” “wake them up!”

and he kept his eye on the spear he’d thrown. it was above him heading in a direction almost like he was following the spear.

and the runner in white was now a dingy gray – he had gone from white to dingy gray.

and the white was completely gone from his from his jersey. his hand was also on the wall but it was

leaving a trail of fire that followed him as he ran. a colorful runner was weary, was sweating

profusely, appeared several times almost trip and fall. but he recovered and he kept going

through the running but he was breathing with great difficulty.  he was

very tired. the jogging runner was smirking and taking his time. and now he was fully engulfed in fire

and was spreading into the place where his gray jersey was now just a flaming red.

it almost looked like somebody running with a fire around them. he then started running as fast as he

possibly could and was making up distance. he was kind of catching up to the colorful runner. however he kept his eye

on the spear that he had thrown and was still in the air.

it was heading towards the building. so the guy thrown the spear he’s keeping

his eye on the spear. he’s running as hard and fast as he can. he’s trying to you know he’s just trying to catch he’s trying to get going.

he’s watching that spear. and that spirit was headed towards a building that seemed to be filled with people who were on their knees and they were praying

loudly. and both runners kept moving with one spilling fire all the way along that wall. it was almost like a trail of fire

behind him. everything he touched was fiery. and the other was now screaming as loud as he could “wake up!

wake up! wake up! wake up! wake up!” constantly. he never stopped screaming and wake up.

and then I saw American generals in a facility was obviously underground. and I saw many phone calls. they were

coming in on rotary phones. I saw the curly q, some of you know I’m talking about, the curly q

cords. they were coming on rotary phones. and as the generals answered them, they were telling others to position

numbers on a very large map of both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. it was frantic in that room. people were

obviously in a state of panic. running here and there very very quickly. and I could then see world leaders in

Europe, Russia, and Israel ,modern day leaders, talking

with each other with great passion, great concern on their faces. their faces revealed that they were

these were very very important things they were discussing. and then this word was spoken, “it might

be our time.” it kept being spoken by the leaders as they watched the fires burning over America. then the spear

thrown by that first runner hit the building it was aiming for and it exploded into a bright light.

and it streamed down over the entire country. and it looked like a napalm storm. if you

see the videos of us dropping bombs during the Vietnam war, there in Vietnam.

so it looked like a napalm storm that filled the atmosphere of the United States. and as the fire from that building

spread, it was putting out some of the fires in the United States. it lessened some

and others but for some it had no impact at all. some of those fires kept burning. and then I saw the explosion. it actually

thrown people all over the place. the people who were praying in that building were now, they were

thrown up in the air to these areas of the nation. and these people

they thrown people over the country. and they had like fire extinguishers and brooms. and they were patting down

the fires. they were screaming. as they were patting down those fires they were screaming just like the colorful running man.

they were screaming, “wake up stay awake there’s not much time! wake up stay awake there’s not much time!”

they kept repeating that, “wake up stay awake there’s not much time!” and the colorful runner then sat down. he

leaned against the wall and took a deep breath. he was just on the other side of the finish line.

and the man that I see often in the dreams was helping him to his feet. and the fiery runner was laying past the finish line too and was smoking like a like a burnt building.

he was not moving. he was not breathing. and the man pointed at me and he said “warn them. there is not much time left.

and it will never be easy again. if you’re not braced now, you won’t make

it. not rooted you will be pulled up, pulled out, and the fire will never go

out. look for me and endure till I come.” and one other thing that’s different

about this dream is after usually that after the man speaks to me in the dream

that’s it. but I had another small piece and this was Monday night. I then saw every one of those

international leaders and American generals put down their phones at the very very

very same time. and in unison. all at once. they said

“it’s time. it’s time.” then they all sat, every single [one of] the leaders, the military,

they all sat at their desks and they put their heads in their hands like this [covering their faces]

and they began to weep. END



I just watched this video. I watched it once, just the part that pastor Dana said. I didn’t listen to Cheri’s interpretation. I hadn’t even got

to the last part of the video. I just listened to the dream only. I don’t even know what she says.

but I just listened to the dream. this dream is entitled the flaming spear dream by

Pastor Dana Coverstone. I listened to it once,

then I went back and listened to it again to write down my notes – my interpretation.  I’ve

hardly ever had a dream that I remember, that I recall,

which what I would call a spiritual dream. I had just normal dreams and they don’t mean

anything. I haven’t had a vision. I don’t have dreams and visions.

but I do believe I have a prophetic gift of interpretation.

so between someone that has the dreams and the prophetic gift of having visions and so forth and me,

hopefully it can help some people. and that’s all I want to do. I just

want to get what God has put on the inside of me out to you. the Bible says to judge,

judge prophecy. make sure you do so.  I’m nothing.

even pastor Dana is nothing. what’s important is what is the Lord is saying to his Church. and I believe it’s

a warning to the Church. so I’m just gonna just go through my

notes what I can get out of my scribbles that I wrote down just a

few moments ago and hopefully it helps you.

so pastor Dana has this dream where there’s these two

runners. and they’re divided by a very tall wall.

one is dressed in like international colors international flags,

is my understanding of it. the other one is dressed an all-white.

so that one, the one runner that’s dressed in international colors, represents the nations of man.

the other runner represents

what we know in our Bible as the Wormwood asteroid. you can find that in Revelation.

you can read about it in Revelation chapter six but also chapters eight and nine. we’re

just talking about the Trumpets. all the trumpets have to do,

except for the last one, all the trumpets have to do with the asteroid strike and the effects of the asteroid strike.

and I talk a lot about that on my channel the Wormwood

Asteroid Channel. and I have a website called the Wormwood Prophecy.

you can find out about that at

the second runner is an asteroid. it’s not just the natural sign of

the asteroid, it’s a spiritual force that is causing this asteroid to

come. it’s demonic. it’s satanic in its origin. it’s coming. it’s coming

from Satan trying to destroy humanity. so there’s a spiritual side to it

and of course the natural side – is it’s an asteroid. so we have two runners. they’re running

at the race. this asteroid runner, is what I’m going to call him, it is the Wormwood asteroid coming to

strike the earth to bring God’s judgment on the earth.

it’s all in white because that’s how asteroids appear in the sky. that’s how it starts. it starts white

and as it gets closer, it’s gonna

get into our atmosphere and turn

fiery – start to burn up. it looks like fire across the sky when

it finally impacts at the end. when it hit gets past the finish line it’s going to be gray.

those are the colors he mentioned. and it’s going to be completely still.

let’s go back to the beginning of the

race. he says when you’re observing at the beginning of the race

before the race has started, the white runner, the asteroid, looks like it’s doing nothing. that’s how

an asteroid would appear if you’re looking at it through a telescope. it almost feels like it’s not even moving.

it almost looks still – completely still. you’d have to observe it for a very long

time to realize, oh it’s moving (at a distance of course). but when it gets closer, obviously it’s

going to happen extremely fast. when it gets close to the earth, when it hits,

it’s going to be all of the sudden. then it’s here. so they both have spears. let’s

interpret who that is first. the international man is

the nations. I think I said that already. and the spear in his hand is the power

of man. and in the end we find out that the

power of man doesn’t do much. it can’t do much against what’s coming – God’s judgment. it

can’t stop God’s judgment. this asteroid, this Wormwood asteroid, that’s coming is a judgment of

God. Satan’s is behind it because he’s trying to wipe out humanity

but it is a judgment that’s been set in motion since the Garden of Eden

when man sinned and fell. and so man has been trying to kind of stop the judgment.

The spear is man’s attempt to do something and

in the end he doesn’t really end up doing much of anything and we’ll get to that later.

so he threw it in the air, the international man throws it in the air,

which is his attempt to start to mitigate this asteroid strike – the coming

judgment. so they both take off. the asteroid

man seems to be going very slow, again that’s just because he’s at a

distance at this point. where the international man, which is

again natural man trying to stop God’s judgment from coming,

is frantic – going as fast as he can with everything he has.

the spear is the power of each. the spear could also be

thought of concerning the asteroid side of the wall

as the asteroid itself with a spiritual being, a demonic being, casting

it to the earth. now he mentions some months in here.

so the men are running they can’t really see each other. most of man doesn’t know about this

asteroid coming. they won’t know until almost the last, it seems like in this dream, the final

moments where the nations are screaming “wake up! wake up! wake up!

it’s coming! it’s coming!” you know, “it’s time! it’s coming!” is basically what

this means. so Dana mentioned some dates. he

talks about May 2021. I believe that’s when the word

started to get out. if you know about Thomas Horn, he put out a book called the Wormwood Prophecy.

he put out another book, this one just came out  I don’t know if it came out in May, but it was about that time –

again talking about the Wormwood Prophecy or the Wormwood Asteroid strike. both

books are about the asteroid strike…well somewhat. actually the majority of the book is not about the asteroid strike,

it’s about some other subjects that leads up to the asteroid strike. I suggest just jumping right to the end,

the last few chapters. the front of the book doesn’t have much value at all concerning the subject of the Wormwood asteroid strike but interesting material none-the-less.

that goes for both of the books. but Tom Horn had a vision

that this asteroid is coming. you heard the word Apophis and that’s coming in the year 2029. it’s

passing by closer than any large object has ever

come. it’s going to come within, not only the radius of the moon… it’s going to come within the radius

or the revolutions of our satellites in the year 2029.

it’s going to come back again seven years later. now one of those two years I believe is

probably going to be the Wormwood asteroid strike. that’s my

interpretation.  I shouldn’t call it interpretation – my guess. I don’t know.

I’m praying about it and just watching and waiting, getting prepared spiritually, trying to prepare other people, trying to warn other people. so that’s what Tom

Horn is doing – warning people. I’m warning people. that’s why I’ve started a the Wormwood Asteroid Channel and Wormwood

Prophecy website

so yeah I’m trying to warn people about the asteroid. and when I heard the dream, I couldn’t help but by the Spirit of the

Lord write down what God gave me. you can take it or leave it.

I just have to give it. so he starts mentioning some calendar dates.

he talks he talks about May 2021. I think that’s when the warning is starting to go out.

he mentions all the way till September.  The September could mean September 2029 – a potential date for the Church to be Resurrected/Raptured. he talks about bloody hands and bloody calendar. and so that means there are people, nations, leaders of nations,

generals, armies, scientists, they know it’s coming and they’re

not telling anybody yet. and their hands are

with blood possibly because they’re trying to

use maybe unscrupulous methods to keep

the world from mass hysteria until they’re ready to reveal the news of impact.

they believe they have a plan to knock the asteroid off course.

it is probably going to include nuclear warheads or some type of impact strike with rockets or something

and it’s not going to work.  the asteroid strike is

going to happen off the coast of America – probably off the Pacific Coast.

Russia, China, and Israel are watching us to see what we’re going to do about it. they’re watching us with the binoculars.

again, this is all man’s attempt to maintain control.

at the beginning of the dream he talks about a globe that wobbles,

which is interesting. that means chaos. the name of the asteroid is “chaos”.

Apophis means “chaos,” it’s a Greek, not a Greek, but an Egyptian god of chaos is the name of the

asteroid. and so that globe wobbling means chaos.

both in the natural realm of men just losing it losing their minds in hysteria

and panic and paranoia. but literally the world will wobble with the asteroid strike.

it’ll probably strike down to the very crust and go into the crust of the earth and crack open the earth in that

in that location. good news though it is not a it’s not going to kill all

life on earth like the media will probably

scare people to death with. but it’ll kill billions of people,

one-third of mankind.

so the man on the wall… remember there’s a man on the wall, the man on the wall can see both sides.

he’s ready to run but he’s also a preacher. he’s the

prophet. he’s the prophet that sees really the asteroid

side of the wall which represents a spiritual side and that there’s a spiritual force behind it but there’s a

natural side to that side as well which is the little literal asteroid coming to strike.

He sees the other side of the wall, which is you know is the international leaders, and

their fruitless attempts to deal with what’s coming to stop

judgment. so the prophet is the man on the wall. He can see both sides –

the spiritual and the natural – both the man’s side,

what’s happening on earth, and the asteroid, and what’s happening in the sky.

now it’s interesting that he tells the comet I think before the race started, “pace

yourself .you’ve got to win.” he’s saying that the word of the Lord

must come to pass. judgment is coming on planet earth. judgment is coming. the asteroid is

coming. it will happen. there’s no way to stop it.

it’s impossible to stop it. judgment of man must fall.

the asteroid is coming to destroy man’s kingdom.

it is an announcement to the world’s leaders.

so he starts talking about there being fires in cities, lockdowns, the

flag at half mast. that’s because there’s death everywhere because people are killing themselves.

people are killing one another. people are going crazy. that’s when he talks about the military walking the

streets watching the streets because as you can imagine all around the world people will be

kind of going crazy. crime will be rampant. cities burning. lockdowns again just to

stop the crime. so that’s what happens

once the world leaders announce to the planet we’re gonna take an asteroid hit.

so that’s what causes the fires, the lockdowns, the death, the crime.

so at this point man knows it’s coming. man goes crazy.

the colorful runner was is the nations of the world, man.

international man’s hand is on the wall and now

he’s trying to wake people up. he’s trying to get the people to say “it’s coming.” his

hand is on the wall. he’s looking to the skies, the other side of the wall is the skies – the heavens.

and he’s running. he’s got his hand feeling kind of the temperature of

what’s about to happen so to speak – watching the skies. he’s trying to warn people. so you

can imagine the experts at NASA and all these guys at Jet Propulsion Labs and all your asteroid fanatic people and

astronomers and so forth are going to be on the news

warning everybody, explaining how things work, how asteroids work, what’s going to happen, what you should do, hunker down in a bunker.

get out of the impact zone. all these kinds of things as you can imagine.

he’s trying to wake the people up. some people don’t want to be awakened.

I’ve seen this. I’ve asked people “what do you do if you think an asteroid is coming?”

I am shocked at what I’ve heard people say.

they said “I can do nothing. I can just die.”

I mean they act like they’re not even going to attempt to do anything because they believe it’s over.

there’s no chance of survival. so many people will believe that that

there will literally people be in the impact zone possibly.

they not even not even move because they’re like, it doesn’t matter; I’d rather die quickly.

but they don’t understand this isn’t

a planet eliminating event…I think that’s what they call

where it exterminates all life on earth or something like that. it isn’t going to exterminate all life

on earth. it’s going to exterminate as many as the Bible says it’s going to exterminate – which is one-third of humanity.

so we can see he starts to see people praying in a building. now that doesn’t necessarily mean the Church of Jesus. I mean the whole world, different parts of the whole planet, people are going to start praying. but the ones that are really going to be impacted is the United States.

and so because it’s going to hit off the United States, the coast of the United States, people will be praying.

I’m sitting here in my pajamas. I got a t-shirt on shorts. but I had to give this out.

so please forgive my appearance. I have no idea what I look like right now but that’s not important.

so people praying.

I believe Christians will be here all the way through all this – through this entire event

until the coming of Jesus Christ. so Christians will be waking up and praying.

but the world will also be waking up and praying. Many have been talking about the coming a revival – a latter day revival – end-time revival. this is probably why,

yeah I think this is probably why, people will wake up spiritually and get

right with God. others, as the Bible says, will not repent

even when they see the judgments come. so anyway, they’ll be praying loudly, in other words ,those are the

people that see and know what’s coming and respond, hopefully responding to the true and

living God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

now he talks about an underground facility that’s basically bunkers. that’s the command centers

all around the world. the bunkers are already being built. I mean we’ve had bunkers, the United

States has, but I believe the nations of the world already know what’s going on. China

Russia, Israel, United States already know it’s coming. maybe some of the other leading nations

they already know it’s coming,  particularly those with a space program. they already know,

they’re just not telling anybody yet. so they’ve already got bunkers which will be the command centers

under there. again, our focus is going

to be America, not because I’m an American, but because that’s where the asteroid’s going to hit off the coast of America. so there are

American generals trying to mitigate the crisis.

he said there were positions of numbers on the large map both on the Atlantic and Pacific. I believe that that’s again from

their bunkers, command centers, trying to force people to evacuate the impact

zone and move to the other side of the nation. I believe the impact zone will be in the

Pacific. therefore, those on the West Coast need to leave and go to the East Coast

you know. don’t stop in Nevada. don’t stop in Nebraska. just keep going east.

you can see there’s a lot of panic by these men in these command centers, these bunkers,

moving people to the safe zones. they say “it might be our time. it might

be our time.” they mean by that it might be the time of humanity,

the end of time for humanity. they think this is the end of the human race

possibly. they’re wrong. the Bible says we make it.

but again one-third die. so the spear finally strikes at the other end for,

I think, it’s the international man. so when it strikes, again this is

man’s final attempt, it strikes a building where the people are praying. and those people go all around the world

proclaiming you know “it’s coming! wake up! it’s coming! wake up!’ essentially. they’re warning us about the

asteroid. it’s man’s final attempts. they’ve tried to hit it

with either nuclear warhead or impactors of some kind, rockets.

China’s come up with stuff. United States has come up with stuff. everybody’s trying to come up with something. and they probably all sent something out

there to try to stop it and it did no good. it’s still coming. they broke is up – there may be

some pieces of it. and those pieces strike the earth first. that’s actually the First Trumpet.

and so man’s attempts to stop judgment don’t work.

it only brings further destruction. I mean they wake some people up. they help some people maybe move to

safety or get in bunkers and caves. but in the long term, they end up just

causing more hysteria which just causes man to destroy himself even more.

so that man’s spear striking is man’s attempt to stop the hysteria in the nations

and try to prepare the people for the asteroid strike saying “wake up! stay awake! there’s not

much time! not much time!” warning people particularly in America it’s coming.

after he, the runner, finishes the race he’s exhausted. there’s nothing left he can do. he’s done

all he can. the asteroid’s almost here now and it’s like God strengthens the man,

particularly the man that repents and turns to God during this time of

crisis. He gives them strength – lifts them up to prepare them for what’s ahead.

both sinners and Christians will be here during this time. then it talks about the

other man passes the finish line. this is the asteroid strike.

at this point it was on fire. that’s when it entered

the atmosphere of the earth. and now at this point it’s just smoking which means

there’s a big plume of smoke and soot that’s thrown into the air.

that’s what the Bible prophesies we’ll see – blood and fire and vapor of smoke. so you can see images of

asteroid strikes people have created online and you see huge plumes of smoke sort of like a

nuclear mushroom cloud.

but it’s not moving. that means it’s finally struck the earth.

so at the end, the very end of the dream, we are warned “there is not much time left. it’ll never be easy

again.” that’s the days we’re living in now. there is not much time left. we’re

talking years. like we’re not talking decades.

we’re talking in terms of years now at the most.

if it comes 2029, this is 2021,  eight years.

or it could come back again the year 2036

seven years later – exactly seven years later – April 13th, 2036.

and so eight plus seven that’s 15. but I don’t think it’s 15 years in coming.  I

think it’s the eight year number. there’s not much time left. it’ll never

be easy again. that’s so true. that’s an understatement really.

now brace. now

you have to be braced. now or you won’t make it. in other words, be ready now.

be ready. be ready to die. be ready with God. be right spiritually now.

if you’re not rooted, you’ll be pulled up. the Bible talks about many that will

apostasize. they’ll turn their back on God. so we’ll have a lot of deceivers and liars

in this time period. and so

Christians that are weak will lose their faith. so you have to be

strong in the Lord – strongly rooted and not be afraid of death. the only way to be not be afraid is to

have your faith in Jesus Christ. so be saved. that’s what he’s talking

about. if you’re not rooted, you’ll be pulled up, meaning you need to get saved. you need to get saved now. if you’re not,

and look for his coming afterwards after the asteroid strike, you can read it in Matthew 24.

talking about the sun will be dark, and the moon and the

blood and all that. that’s the asteroid strike. after the asteroid strike, you see the coming of Jesus – where He comes to gather His

elect from the earth. that’s the Resurrection and the Rapture of the Church. after the asteroid is the Resurrection

in the Rapture. at the very end he talks about leaders.

They said “it’s time.” and they all in unison hung up their phones, meaning

judgment has come. man’s attempts to stop judgment in the

crisis were futile, useless, meaningless. they all failed.

man can’t stop judgment.

and so they sat, put their hands in their face, and they cried. and that’s what they will do when this

asteroid comes. I’m giving you the interpretation. you can take or leave it

God bless – Thomas