Another Dream – TRANSCRIPT Jul 26, 2020

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Another Dream – TRANSCRIPT Dated Jul 26, 2020

Last night Saturday night July 25th [2020]
right around 1:19 I woke up from a dream
that I had… In this dream I saw a calendar started
in July and it faded. it was almost like
the month of July just faded off of the
calendar and it went right into August.
and I saw August, the letters of August,
September October November December just
got bold – very very bold.
and [it was] almost [like] they had been highlighted with a black
marker. and then suddenly I’m walking near an
abandoned slaughterhouse in the hometown
where I grew up,
about half a block from where I was
staying at the moment. I used to be near
my aunt betty’s house she used to live
we used to work there.
and suddenly this was overgrown with grass
and weeds.
the slaughterhouse comes to life. I see smoke
coming out of smoke sacks. I see movement
inside. and I’m watching what’s going on. and
suddenly I realize that it’s demons
inside – demons with
just ugliness about them. they began to
appear before my eyes inside the
building and they were arming themselves
with weapons and preparing it for it
seemed like for war.
and then I realized that this town was
not the only place where this was taking
place. every major city, small rural
communities, there were places where the
demons were getting together
almost in teams and were preparing for
war in that region.
and then I realized that these kind of
preparations that were taking place were
just like sleeper cells – like terrorist sleeper cells all over
the country. we think of terrorist
sleep sleeper cells getting ready for
something, only these were demons. in the cities of
Minneapolis Portland Seattle Louisville
they were just the opening assaults and
much more was planned by these cells in
ways of violence.
and chaos. and the first volley that I
saw was an assault on ministers and
Christian leaders in the areas of sexual
temptations and accusations. I saw the spirits of
lust and pornography being released
relentlessly unleashed on pastors upon
Christian men
throughout this country. it was a full
out full frontal staged attack on the
minds of Christian men
pastors and ministers.
I saw ministry marriages that were under
attack and the need for those Christian
couples to focus on their prayer lives
together to defend themselves against these
things that were coming. they were very
very strong spiritual attacks.
and then I saw the outline of the nation.
and smoke rising from what appeared to
be outdoor funeral pyres. I think of the
Vikings and Native Americans who used to put the
bodies up on a funeral pyre and burn it
you know it would go into the sky.
but here’s what I saw. I saw headlines
declaring a sudden increase
in a nationwide suicides spike, and
that included some in Christian
leadership. I saw people in ministry who were
killing themselves.
I saw angry people demanding that the
government would fix the problems
causing the suicides, which were mainly
financial losses,
forced evictions, job loss, the
depression spikes, drug overdoses,
and just rampant increases in abuse both
emotional, sexual, and physical
because of the covet shutdowns. and then
I saw post offices.
I saw post offices that were open two to
three days a week not every day a week.
not Monday through
through Saturday. I saw fields large
fields, fields that were filled with postal
trucks – the smaller ones that delivered
to your door or to your to your mailbox. and they were
just full of these things.
I saw the unemployment rate hit above
50 percent in the headlines
with no help from the government and
that was spurring a lot of violence
towards the government people
in Washington DC. and the crowds were
heinous and I mean
heinous in their efforts to get the
attention. and then I saw that same white
figure but he appeared this time and he
said “brace yourself, brace
yourself, brace yourself” with the emphasis
on the word “brace.”