From Spirit to Flesh Dream & Vision – TRANSCRIPT September 13 2020

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From Spirit to Flesh Dream & Vision – TRANSCRIPT September 13 2020

Hey its pastor Dana cover stone. I’m
going to share today
both the dream and the vision that I
had that were very closely linked. I had
a dream one night
on September 14th and the next evening I
had a vision. and
at the point when I shared the dream I
did not share the first part
because I was still trying to look at it
and figure some things out.
but here’s how that went, I
saw a calendar and it started at January
and it flipped
all the way through to December. so every
single month January February march
April may June July august September
October November, it just kept
and in the corner of each of the months
there was a picture of a tree,
almost like those flip books that you
would flip and the thing would move.
what I saw was a
seed was planted. the first couple months
the tree quickly grew. and then it died
over the stage of that 12 months. so as
the calendar is flipped I’m seeing
the corner, my attention was drawn to the
corner, and I was seeing a
little flip box so to speak
like this in the corner of the
calendar. and I was watching the tree
go from seed to tree
to leaves to rotting
dying and finally flat ground again.
each stage of the tree from birth to
rotting to nothing literally was covered
by those 12 months. and it was like I
said a little flip book with a picture.
and then I saw a field that was filled
with trees and they were bare of leaves
but they began growing.
leaves began to grow so obviously it was
winter, January so to speak,
and the trees were growing. but they were
growing from the top down; they didn’t
start from the bottom.
the leaves grew from the top
starting with sprigs and then full
leaves and turning colors
and then they began falling off of the
tree but from the bottom up. so
the leaves started growing from the
top down and they started falling from
the bottom
up. and I saw a
totally bare landscape
with all the trees but not one single
leaf on them at all.
and then a man dressed like, the best
word I could use was, like a lumberjack
or someone you would see in Vermont that
goes out to tap
some of the trees from maple syrup came
walking. he had a very very large bucket
a heavy hammer in his hands that was
walking up the snowy incline
towards the largest tree in the grove.
this large tree stood out.
he stopped and removed a syrup tap.
and he hammered it into the tree but he
was hammering it at a level higher than
his than his head – way above his head.
he then took the bucket and attached
it to a hook that was on that tree.
so the bucket is well above the ground.
the syrup tap is hanging
out above his height.
the man had this ancient style white beard.
his eyes were closed as he walked.
no movement, no movement from the trees
no limbs were moving nothing like that
at all.
and then he turned his back and he
walked away.
suddenly we start to see it looks like
the syrup, the watery pulp type stuff, is coming out
into the bucket.
and the bucket is very large.
it’s almost like a cauldron.
and so it cut he hangs the
bucket.  it almost looks like carrot
syrup coming
out of the bucket itself. so it goes from
a watery appearance, light colored syrup,
like carrots and then it starts getting
darker. and then it eventually
turned into blood.
and suddenly the bucket that’s more like
a cauldron
now is beginning to shake. and it’s
almost like this bucket’s on fire.
there’s no fire at the bottom of the
tree by any means.
but there’s obviously something going on
and the in the bucket is shaking.
and suddenly it’s frothing almost as
if it’s being boiled
but there’s no fire underneath it. and
the blood starts to come
up and out of the bucket and it
flows over the bucket and goes onto the
ground. it literally begins to spell out some
words. and those words that were spelled out
were “guilty as

and that was unlike any dream I had.
this would have happened before a
a supreme court justice passed away.
I did not see any legal ramifications.
but the words that are spelled out were
“guilty as charged.”
and that’s what I saw in the dream. then
the next evening
watching a movie with my son and my wife.
and had the dream about the
hospital person.
and the man that I saw standing beside
that elderly woman at the bedside
was the same man I’d seen in the dream
who put the syrup tap in the tree
and blood began to come out of that tap.
I had seen this weekend a very
malnourished woman laying in a hospital
bed. she was emaciated. her skin was paper
thin almost like it had been broken.
and some of you will know what I mean by
that. and this man was standing right near her
bed almost as if he was an orderly or a
male nurse but he was standing right by the
bed. he put down the side rails he lifted her
out of that bed and just began to hold
her as close to his chest as possible.
his eyes began to mist over.
and I really believed that in the
sense in my dream that this was maybe
like a father or a son who was watching his mother
about to pass away.
and there weren’t tears there was
just mist in the eyes. and the lady
she was trying to move a little bit
but she was so weak she could not. she
could barely open her eyes.
her mouth was not moving. and I saw him
as he held this lady
to his chest. he just kind of expressed
a almost a peacefulness. and he squeezed
the hand that was kind of hanging there.
and that’s when the color began to
appear in that hand.
her skin was already chalk white. it was
a pale almost alabaster white.
I saw her cheeks begin to pale up.
I thought at first he was praying
over her. but he began to
breathe over her. and in the process of
breathing her, that’s when he grabbed the
hand ,and that’s when he
when the skin began to kind of come
back to life. the color began to come
back to
to the lady. pretty soon her hair was
beginning to turn like light shades of
brown. she opened her eyes a little bit
looked around. and
weight was coming back on. and I was
actually watching the body
of this woman become healthy. it was as
if life had been breathed into her
at that moment. finally she catches
attention to what’s going on.
and she asked to be put down. and the man
holding her  he says “no you’re
not strong enough.
you need to rest. so listen to me, you
just need to rest.”
he also said, “you’ll be able to
get up soon.
you’ll be able to get up soon.” and the
woman said she was well enough to walk
but the man said he knew better. “again
you need to rest. you need to rest.
you need time.” she started to
ask one more time and he basically told
her very firmly but gently
“no. if you walk too soon,
you’re going to limp. you need rest. you
need to heal up.”
and he walked towards the door and said for
her not to try to walk too soon once
again because she would limp.
he says “you need to be able to run. you
need to be able to run so stick to the
and then this man for the first time
that I recognized from earlier in other dreams the white
ethereal figure
had now appeared to me in a dream the
night before with the
the syrup tap in the trees. and I was
walking out that door of this
this emaciated lady and he said, “stay
braced and occupy till
I come.”

been a lot of different ideas about who
this lady is.
I believe it is the church. I believe that
we have been woken up, that God’s trying
to get us ready. we don’t understand how
big and difficult of a battle that is
coming against us.
and some people are very very antsy to
get out there e but they’re not ready. they think
they’re ready but they’re not.
you know in Matthew 7
Jesus said some will say “Lord Lord but
we cast out demons we healed the sick we
did miracles” and he’s going to say
“get out of my presence  I’ve
never known you. I never knew you.”
so we had a lot of people in the church
world that they’ve come to church
and they’ve heard the messages
but they’ve never surrendered their
lives to Jesus. they’ve never taken up
the cross. they’ve never followed Him.
and they’re the ones that are going to
think they’re ready for what’s coming.

folks I don’t think in one sense
any of us can understand exactly what’s
about to face us I don’t know exactly
why god is telling us to brace ourselves
but I believe it literally means to get
ready for something that’s about to hit
us. and we’re warned about what’s coming so
that we can withstand it,
and still be standing when it goes by us.
so I encourage you,
wherever you are in the Lord, I know
church has been shut down because of
COVID. I know a lot of people you know 40
of people who used to go to church
before Kobe will not be coming back
because of
the situations and changing their
lifestyle. but I’m telling you if
you are a part of the church if you’re
saved and you’re really committed the Lord I
want to challenge you to get into the
Word to get into prayer life.
make sure you’re ready for the attacks
that are coming because
he wouldn’t give us the warning to get
ready unless the things that are coming
are pretty strong.
and pretty big. I’ve heard from over 10,000 people personally face book emails
people looking in the face,
over ten thousand people that have said
the dreams that I’ve had have been
resonating in their hearts their minds
and their spirits and it confirms
that what they have sensed the same
thing that something big is coming.
and that many people cannot be wrong.
that many people cannot be wrong. now
I’ve made statements from the first
dream I put out that
if things end up not going anywhere near
like some of the things I’ve seen
you better be the first one to say man
you know I’m still going to tell you
this I’m a pastor that had a dream.
I’m not the one that made him go viral.
I’m not the one that pushed me to go
back .I never shared a video
of anything I did but I know what I
sense in my heart I know what a sense of
my spirit.
and what I sense is there’s a time of
trouble a time of persecution coming
to the church that we’re not really
ready for. and even those that think
we’re ready
we’ve got to become even more ready
because it’s going to surprise us. like
back at chapter 1 verses 1 through 5.
God told the prophet I’m going to show
you things even more shocking than what
you’ve seen.
so we’ve got to be prepared. God wants us
to get our get our
our hearts and our minds wrapped around
the fact that
through many trials and tribulations we
will enter the kingdom of Heaven.
we’re supposed to work well today and
the sun is starting to set.
so church be the church.
go out there stay in the Word. stay
rooted and grounded. and the fellowship –
forsake not the assembling of
be praying, be fasting, be seeking His
presence and let the Lord
move in your life because he needs us to
be light and salt in today’s world.
so thanks for watching take it to heart
see what the Lord wants to do with you
but go out there and be ready to fight.
God bless and thanks.