The Earthquake Dream! – TRANSCRIPT September 14, 2020

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The Earthquake Dream! and Holding the Wall Dream – TRANSCRIPT September 14, 2020

Here’s what I saw, once again,
September 14 2020.
I saw a shimmering of the Great Lakes.
and the water appeared to go out of the
bowl and then spread back in the shores
several hundred feet in.
It crashed back in the lakes. It appeared as if
there had been an earthquake
under the central point of the area of
the Great Lakes but a very very
significant depth.
I also saw at that moment the Rocky
Mountains were trembling.
and all the coast of the coast of
California was completely shaken with that same
shimmering type of surface disturbance.
it looked like I was
standing on top of the Rocky Mountains
looking at it. It was like shimmering like
when you see you’re driving down the road and you see
that heat on the asphalt miles ahead. it
kind of looks like air.
you know kind of like something’s moving.
that’s what it appeared to be.
and there was this mass chaos mentality
at work as it seemed a very very big
earthquake had just hit the southern
California area in the same time frame.
I also saw all five boroughs in New York
with significant fires.
and those fires had started in
Manhattan, also almost hit the next part. The clouds
began to churn. and they were mixing with smoke from the
fires from New York.
and .it looked like it was boiling
over out of there.
and then I saw the clouds began to turn
red and ashen. they opened up and revealed Mount
Rushmore. and Mount Rushmore was
just there in all its glory – grey
clouds behind it fires in the background.
and the face of George Washington spoke
out loud and said, “Hold the fort. Toe the
line. Fight.” then the clouds covered Mount
Rushmore, the monument, again. but the sun came
out and it started to rain.
so it’s raining and then I saw the
Christ-type man that I’ve seen. he was
walking along the National Mall. and he
spread his arms out just
like [this]. He put his arms out wide and He said,
“Now it’s up to you
church.” so once again that was September


Holding the Wall

I saw a bunch of people holding a wall,
holding a wall, pushing against the wall
like they were supporting it.
behind that wall was a huge
bunch of water. and I saw
hundreds and hundreds of thousands
of people just holding that wall, pushing
it, holding the wall
tight. and you could see the wall
shifting and moving and it would
sometimes push people back and they
would they would re-brace themselves against
the wall and hold it.
and as people were doing that I could
see that some of them were like their
cell phones would ring and
they kept looking back to being
distracted. finally one person steps away
from the wall puts his phone out and
says hello and starts to talk and gets
involved in communication just kind of
walks off. other people were starting to say, “I’ve
got a be somewhere. I’ve got something to do.
I’ve got this and I’ve got that.” and
basically announcing where they were,
what was going on, what was
happening. and they had to go. and so little by
little people are walking away from that
wall. and every time that someone walks
away from the wall, there’s a gap in the
wall. and as it happens, the wall begins to
spread. and people have to re-brace
themselves and push harder. so now you’ve
got fewer people
holding that wall. and it
reminds me the stories of from Amsterdam
and the dyke in the wall.
and little boy plugging the hole, and
holding the wall.
that’s what I was seeing.

I think the interpretation was very clear to me on
that it was simply this:
you know we’ve been holding the wall
since September and we cannot stop
holding that wall. we can’t walk away
from it. we can’t be distracted. we have to
keep praying. we have to keep seeking. we
have to keep fasting. we have to keep
trusting the Lord.