Kicking The Can Dream – TRANSCRIPT February 11, 2024

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Kicking The Can Dream – TRANSCRIPT February 11, 2024

It’s called the “Kicking the Can Dream.” I was walking down the road that I grew up on as a kid. I walked off of my porch and grabbed a Stecan, okay, a Ste-like vegetable can. It appeared to be a spinach can from the 1960s because the wrapper around the paper wasn’t vinyl, it wasn’t glued on, it wasn’t painted on, it was a paper wrapper reminding me of an old ’60s style can. It had a picture of spinach on it, okay? So, I start walking down the road where I grew up, in Jasonville, Indiana, South Meridian Street. From where I lived, I could look a mile and two up the road at night and see the stoplight, okay? So, I’m walking towards that stoplight, so to speak, in the dream. Over the distance that I was kicking the can, I was getting older. I was probably about eight or nine years old when I started kicking the can. And, as I kicked the can and walked, I was getting older and grayer or losing hair. I was just growing. I was getting older, and I kicked the can as long and far as I could. I reached the end of the road, and I was standing, facing an obvious drop-off. Literally, right there was no more, no further I could go, and there was like a cliff on the other side. Now, the man that I see in my dreams was standing with his back towards me, and he turned and faced me. He gently tapped his Shepherd staff onto the right side of his head, and then he pointed at me. Then, I was in my car about to cross the Cumberland River on Highway 0 here in Burkesville, Kentucky. As I cleared the bridge and headed into town, I saw a swarm of what appeared to be locusts. They came up on my car as I slowed to a stop, and they smeared my car with wings and blood. After they had passed by, I got out, pulled over, and surveyed the mess. I opened my trunk, and my trunk was full of boxes of rags. What’s significant is I shared something a couple of months ago about this. On a Friday, on a Sunday morning, a guy came to my church that Sunday morning from Missouri, and he had printed some shop rags for a ministry he was doing. Literally, his trunk was full of rags. So, I said, “Okay, God, there’s something about these rags I need to pay attention to.” But anyway, I wiped the mess off of my car, I opened the trunk full of rags, I began to wipe the windows clean with the rags, and then I did something I would never do: I threw the rags on the ground. I don’t litter. I don’t throw trash anywhere. I’m always looking for trash cans. But I just threw the rags that I had used to clean with right on the ground, and I chucked five of them. I then continued through the center of town when I saw another swarm, but this swarm was of bats. I stopped my car again, and I felt the bats start hitting it with the intent to the point that the windows were cracking where they hit. They were denting the wipers and my hood. And after a few minutes, that swarm of bats flew off. I got out, realized that my car was not the only thing damaged. Though, buildings had broken windows, and there were dead bats on the ground. The blood and the fat parts were strung over the street and other vehicles, and people were coming out of businesses and looking and trying to figure out what they had just seen and what had just happened. Okay? I opened my trunk, grabbed a handful of rags, and began wiping the windows down so that I could see. It took me much longer to wipe off this mess, and I used ten rags. And once again, after I wiped the car, I would just throw them on the ground, which is unusual for me. And I used those ten rags, left them on the ground, and I inventoried the remaining boxes in the trunk. I was making note of, okay, if anything else happens, I’ve got rags and how many I had. It seemed that there were at least a hundred rags left in my trunk. And I got back in the car and headed down the road. I approached the stoplight just like here in Brookville. It was red, and I stopped. But I could see a much larger and more sinister cloud of something headed my way. There was a swarm of something coming my way. It covered the entire sky, and it was headed towards me at a high rate of speed. I turned my car around quickly, did a donut, you know, turned my wheel, and headed back towards my house at the stoplight, okay? High rate of speed. But I could see the swarm following me and getting closer as I went. I finally got to my house. I ran into the house, and just as I shut the door, I could hear banging like something was hitting the door from outside. And the wind began to howl, picked up to the point it was making the house shake and move. Then, the next thing I saw was I was walking down a big city street, and the few people that were out there were standing right next to the buildings and looking up in absolute fear. They were hiding under the awnings and looking up into the sky. And I could not see anything in the dark sky, but definitely sense there was something up there, and it was ominous in that regard. I watched as people took off running, and I took off running too, but I kept looking up as I ran. And I suddenly saw three large red dragons, and they swooped down holding some kind of fabric in their talons. All three of them approached the people who were running and threw the fabric over them. So, all three, one by one, they’re throwing fabric on these people, and what it looks like is fabric, but looks like it’s alive. It’s got energy. It’s moving, okay? And when they threw the fabric on, when they dropped the fabric on these people, it seemed to tie them to the ground. And I watched as about ten people were tied to the ground the same way. And then, looking up, I saw that there were more red dragons huddled together in the skies, as if literally they were conversing. And they flapped their wings rapidly and aggressively, and one was directing their attention to the earth. I reached into my pocket and grabbed a bottle of oil, and I ran to the people that had been tied down, and I poured oil on the fabric that the dragons had dropped onto the people. And the fabric began to move like it was in pain. It was writhing. It was shifting, and it started to let the people go, and it flew off them, literally like it didn’t have wings, but the fabric just kind of flew off like it had been rebuked or something. And then I ran from person to person, pouring the oil on the people who were still held down, and the dragons in the sky all screamed. They hissed mercilessly, and they headed back to the area. And the people scattered. They went into open

doors and some into buildings. People were breaking windows to get into businesses to stay safe from these dragons. At this point, though, the dragons turned into military-style aircraft, and I saw them fly over the West Coast, one over the Midwest, and one over the East Coast. All three dragons dropped what appeared to be missiles. They looked like missiles to me, being dropped from the planes, dropped from the military aircraft, and then heading towards the ground. They landed with a hard impact and a boom, but they did not explode in any of the places they were dropped. So, it was almost like an impact tremor from when these things hit, and it was harsh. They did not explode.

Then I saw crops begin to die in the Midwest, and I saw farmland for sale at less than $100 per acre. I saw people leaving their homes in the West with suitcases in hand, and they were walking towards retail businesses like Walmarts or box stores that had been converted into apartments that were not very large at all. The people were being served food bags when they walked in, and they were given directions to where to go. After thousands of people were in these buildings, an alarm sounded, and an electric fence came up from the ground, and it surrounded the facility.

One stark thing that stands out that I saw in the dream was that the security and the leaders were all on the outside of the facility, and now they were heavily armed, and they had not been that way when the people were going into the building. On the East Coast, I saw a museum, and it was a museum of fiat currency from around the world, highlighting that the dollar was gone. Wall Street was totally empty, and the starting bell, which is always triggered and hit and banged on when the markets open, it was part of a statue. It really was more like a pole; it was on a pole, and it was up high enough that no one was ever going to be able to reach the bell on the top, okay? It was almost like, I told, it reminded me of the poles in the Old Testament that the non-Jewish people groups would build and worship and those sorts of things. But this square where the bell was on top of that pole statue was littered with trash, and people were sleeping in the streets. Burn barrels were keeping people warm, and they were burning boxes. They were literally burning boxes of American flags. And when I was a kid, my dad was a commander of the American Legion, and I remember they had a room, and they just had boxes of flags where the flags were folded inside the boxes, and they would use those at funerals and things like that. They were those were the boxes that they were throwing into the fire, and they were shaking their fist in the air. They were also thanking the dragons for exposing the true nature of America.

The dragons were flying over the respective areas – West, Midwest, and East – and they were watching closely. Then I was back at the end of the road with the man standing right next to the cliff. He told me to kick the can as hard as I could. I took a few steps back, and he faced me with his hands in the air like a referee, like when a referee does this for a touchdown or something. He did that, and I’m not a big football fan, and I may have even just messed that up, but the arms were straight up in the air, almost like he was making a goal for me to kick over. So, I took a few steps back, I ran towards the can, and I kicked it, and it soared right between his arms. He just watched the can go through his hands and then turned as it went over the cliff. I walked up beside him, and I realized that the cliff had no bottom to it, and the can was still dropping into the darkness. He just watched it continue to fall, and then he spoke, and he said this: “The world is at the end of the road as they know it, and the reality they deny is going to hit the bottom hard and shock those that don’t know you. Who are witnesses of mine have but moments because the can has no more road to be kicked down. Focus and reach and lean on my spirit. Stay filled with the fire and fight the deception that is already working in my church. Know my word and fortify yourself with it and in it. The sky is falling, but you must help catch those who are falling with it. I am coming quickly, so stay on the road and bring others with you.”

I suddenly heard the can hit the bottom, the sky went dark, and clouds rolled in, and thunder started rolling up from where the can had gone over the cliff. Some saw all the things in the air, but the thunder wasn’t; it was coming up from where the can had gone over. And then a huge lightning strike revealed the landscape with fields of harvest, and I saw parked tractors and parked combines. I yelled out, “I need some help over here!” Because those fields of harvest weren’t going to be taken care of with parked tractors and combines. And I yelled out, “I need some help over here!” And I saw people, one by one, begin to come, and that’s when I woke up.