The “Let Me Show You Something” Dream – TRANSCRIPT May 16, 2026

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The “Let Me Show You Something” Dream

“The dream began with me sitting on the top of a very tall tree, looking down on fog and mist that hung over the entire nation. It was covering Canada and Mexico as well. It did not cover the water, just the nation, just the nations. I could see the physical land covered in fog, recovering Canada and Mexico as well, but it looked like the fog was churning, it was moving, it was staying in place over the United States of America, not over Mexico or Canada. It reminded me of a locust swarm that you could see in a National Geographic photo. It was just moving effortlessly, but it was also frothing, it was like, uh, it was like steam coming off of hot coffee or hot cocoa or hot tea or something. But it was thick, and you could not see anything below what you were seeing from the top of the fog. And I was pondering the moving of the fog when the man appeared to me.

I thought of the man as Jesus, or representing the Holy Spirit at times. But he came out and he simply said, ‘Let me show you something,’ and he grabbed my hand, and we stepped out in the air because I was in a tall tree looking down. I was kind of hanging, you know, like holding onto a limb with my feet on the only. I was looking at it, watching. I’m thankful that God sees all the things that are going on. He knows what’s coming, he knows what’s happening, and I just had that sense. I was watching what was going on. I was about to be instructed or told some things. We descended down through the fog, and once we were not flying, it was like we were walking. Okay, but the fog seemed to be very evil and very intentional. It was appearing to try to reach out and grab me with its eerie ethereal arms. It was almost like the fog was alive. It was dark, it was evil, but it was trying to grab hold. It kind of reminds me of just the cultural blanket that’s been put over our country with some of the crazinesses out there.

The man led me on until we reached the ground, and then he said, ‘Look up.’ And when he said that, I realized that the fog was gone, but I could see jets that were flying in all directions, and it appeared to be almost like 7:30 at night. It was dusk; things were starting to come. The lights were going off; people were getting ready for bed. Darkness was hitting; it was almost like I could see traffic had stopped, and people were home, going to bed and getting ready for work the next day. So in other words, I’m watching all these jets going back and forth, north, south, east, west, flying in all directions. It was obvious that the lights were going out, and that’s when I realized that I heard this loud hissing, and every single jet was spraying something out with the exhaust. Now we would call these things chemtrails, and I’ve discussed some of that. Just fly north, we’d be going north for a while, and they’d suddenly turn around and come back and spray the same way. The ones going east would go east a couple of miles and then come back, and it was like regional. It wasn’t one jet going all the way north and south. It was not just east and west; there was like, it’s like every state had jets over it, over every state, every region, every area in that sense. And the jets flying east and west, doing what the northern ones were doing, because it had blanketed the country, and whatever it was spraying. Time passed, and the jets disappeared. Then I saw people getting up, leaving their houses, going to work. So all this stuff was being done at night. The sense that I have about it was there’s a whole lot of evil that’s going on right here, right now in our world. And the spring was going on at night; it was happening when no one was aware, no one was watching, no one was awake, almost. It was some elite and corporate plan to poison the nation. And once again, the fog was over in Mexico and Canada, but it was not moving anywhere except the United States of America.

Also, I realized that this probably is a real conspiracy, things that were going on, things that we’re seeing and all that’s happening in that regard. It was happening at night, so nobody sees, nobody knew, nobody knows what’s going on. People getting up for school, getting on the buses, they’re going to school, and then the next thing that happens is I see this. I was standing in Times Square, watching those Jumbotron television screens, and a breaking news item was a major outbreak of a new virus. Now the timeline that I could tell in the dream, late summer, early fall. As the news broadcasters were talking about this, the World Health Organization was laying out guidelines that must be followed, regardless of constitutions or national law. Those are the two words they used, regardless of constitutions or national law. There were military tanks and Hummers. They started patrolling as the announcements were being made. And I said to him, the man, that the jets appeared to be the source of the medical issue, and the man nodded and said, ‘There’s more to see,’ and we suddenly appear on the southern border.

So here I saw the news. The news was complicit and almost accomplice with what was happening, what was going on, what was being said, what was being done. Obviously, somebody was behind it. It was happening at night, and so, who knows if that’s the cause or who knows whatever. All we realize is that there’s something sinister happening, something sinister happening in our world. There’s something sinister happening, going on, and it’s being allowed, it’s being pushed, probably by those in power. But nonetheless, then I saw an enormous lens. He said, ‘There’s more to see.’ Suddenly, I’m on the southern border. I saw an enormous line of volcanoes that seemed to have sprung up overnight. They were just on the border; they covered from the western point of California all the way to Texas, just on the border. Literally, these were volcanoes on the border. They were very tall; they shadowed the ground and the border. They shadowed the ground, the border, and they were directly on the border itself. And I cannot emphasize this enough; it was volcanoes, volcanoes on the border, and they were hundreds of miles in the air. The ground was shaking, similarly creaking, and the volcanoes trembled. They started erupting magma and lava. And then suddenly, the entire border shook, and I saw the volcanoes appear to grow, and the ground below them looked like it was torn. Now, if you’ve ever seen a tree that gets knocked over in the winds or damaged or tornado, there’s just like a little spot, a little spot of Earth that was open there. Okay, so the volcanoes tipped backward; they were still spewing lava and all these other things, but there was a hole where the volcanoes came up along the entire southern border. And at that moment, all sorts of people, dressed like normal migrants, poured out of these holes. They were being sent into the United States; they were not coming here. They were being sent here. It was obvious that they were being sent here.

The border agents, our border agents, were caught off guard. They were scrambling to respond, and there were only a few of them, a handful. But these weren’t migrants; they were sent here. That’s the sense that I had. The man looked at me and said, ‘It is not what it seems.’ He said, ‘These are not migrants; these are not refugees; these are not people seeking asylum.’ He said, ‘This is an invasion.’ He looked at me and said, ‘This is an invasion,’ and it was all happening under the cover of night. The rest of the nation was asleep, and it was all happening. And the government, the people, we’re being told, ‘Oh, you know, this is just this, this is just that.’ But the sense was it was an invasion. It was a complete act of war, and it was happening. And we got into one of those, uh, one of those MAF helicopters that I had mentioned earlier. It looked like one of those from, like, the Vietnam era, something like that. I remember I flew those in some other country somewhere. I can’t remember what country. But we were going across the border, headed to the capital, when I woke up.”