The “Let Me Show You Something” Dream – TRANSCRIPT May 16, 2026

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the dream began with me sitting on the top of a very tall tree looking down on

fog and Mist that hung over the entire nation it was covered in Canada and Mexico as

well it did not cover the water just the nation just the Nations I could see the physical land cover covered in

fog recovered Canada and Mexico as well but it looked like the fog was churning it

was moving it was staying in place over the United States of America not over Mexico or Canada

it reminded me of a locust swarm that you could see like in a National Geographic photo it was just moving

effortlessly but it was also frothing it was like uh it was like steam coming off

of hot coffee or hot cocoa or hot tea or something but it covered it was thick and you could not see anything below

what you were seeing from the top of the Fog and I was pondering the moving of the fog when the man appeared to me and

I blew the man as Jesus or represents the Holy Spirit at times but he came out and he simply said let me show you

something and it grabbed my hand and we stepped out in the air

because I was in a tall tree looking down I was kind of hanging you know like hold on to limb with my feet on the only

looking at it watching I’m thankful that God sees all the things that are going on he knows what’s

coming he knows what’s happening and I just had that that sense I was watching what was going on I was about to be

instructed or told some things we descended down through the flog the fog and once we were not flying it was

like we were walking okay but the fog seem to be very evil and very intentional it was appearing to try to

reach out and grab me with this with an eerie ethereal arms it was almost like the fog was alive

uh it was dark it was evil but it was trying to grab hold uh kind

of reminds me of just the cultural blanket that’s been put over our country with some of the crazinesses out there the man led me on until we reached the

ground and then he said look up and when he said that I realized that the fog was gone but I could see jets that were

flying in all directions and it appeared to be almost like 7 30 at night uh it

was dusk things were starting to come the lights were going off people were getting ready for bed Darkness was

hitting it was almost like I could see traffic had stopped and people were home going to bed and getting ready for work the

next day so in other words I’m watching all these Jets going back and forth north south east west

flying in all directions it was obviously that’s the lights were going out and that’s when I realized that I heard

this loud hissing and every single jet was spraying something out with the exhaust now we

would call these things Chemtrails and I’ve discussed some of that and the just fly north would be going

north for a while and they suddenly turn around and come back and spray the same way the ones going east would go east a couple miles and then come back and it

was like Regional it wasn’t one jet going all the way North and South uh it was it was it was not just east and west

there was like it’s like every state had Jets over it over every state every region every area in that sense

and the jets flying East and West doing what the northern was doing because he had blanket in the country and whatever

it was spraying and time passed and the Jets disappeared then I saw people getting up leaving

their houses going to work so all this stuff was being done at night and the sense that I have about it was

there’s a whole lot of evil that’s going on right here right now in our world uh and they and the spring was going

on at night it was happening when no one was aware no one was watching no one was awake almost it was some Elite and corporate

plan to poison the nation and once again the fog was over in Mexico and Canada but it was not moving

anywhere except the United States of America

also I realized that this probably is a real conspiracy things that were going on things that

we’re seeing and all that’s happening in that regards it was happening at night so nobody sees

nobody knew nobody knows what’s going on people getting up for school getting on

the buses they’re going to school and then the next thing that happens is I see this I was standing in Times Square

watching those Jumbotron television screens and a breaking news item was a

major outbreak of a new virus now the timeline that I could tell in the dream late summer early fall as the as the

News broadcasters were talking about this the World Health Organization was laying

out guidelines that must be followed regardless of constitutions or national law those are the two words they use

regardless of constitutions or national law there were military tanks and Hummers

they started patrolling as the announcements were being made and I said to him the man that the Jets

appeared to be the source of the medical issue and the man nodded and said there’s more

to see and we suddenly appear in the southern border so here I saw the news uh the news

was complicit and almost an accomplished with what was happening what was going on what was being said what was being

done um obviously somebody was behind it was happening at night

and so uh who knows if that’s the cause or who knows whatever all we realize is that

there’s something sinister happening something sinister happening in our

world uh there’s something sinister happening going on and uh and it’s being

allowed as being pushed probably by those in power but nonetheless then I saw an enormous Lance he said

there’s more to see suddenly I’m on the on the southern border I saw an enormous line of volcanoes that seemed to have

sprung up overnight and they were just on the border they covered from the Western point of California all the way

to Texas just on the border literally these were volcanoes on the border

they were very tall they shadowed the ground and the border and they shadowed the ground the border and they were

directly on the border itself and I cannot emphasize this enough it was volcano volcanoes on the border and they

were hundreds of miles in the air the ground was shaking similarly

creaking and the volcanoes trembled and they started erupting magma and lava and then suddenly the entire border

Shook and I saw the volcanoes appear to grow and the ground below them looked like it was torn now if you’ve ever seen

a tree that gets knocked over in the winds or damaged or tornado and there was just a like a little spot of a

little spot of the of Earth that was open there okay so the volcanoes tipped

backwards they’re still spewing love and all these other things but there was a hole where the volcanoes

came up along the entire Southern border and at that moment

all sorts of people dressed like normal migrants came running out and they were sprinting they were running as hard and

as fast as they possibly could

get in the country and as they ran they were taking off backpacks

they were taking off backpacks and they were pulling out weapons and they were putting together weapons there are some

uh some weapons that can be folded down they were unfolding them they were pulling them out they were they were putting Clips in but they’re doing it as

they were running they were running as hard as they could

the people on the American side were watching the eruptions they were watching the magma and the lava and

the smoke and the ash cloud and they didn’t even notice the people that were running towards them

they pointed to the sky they were making all sorts of faces the noise almost like they were watching fireworks they were

just like oh wow look at that and pointing over here they were looking up and they did not see they did not see

any of the people that were rushing towards them and now the runners were running up and

they were shooting they were teaming up on people they were storming properties but they took nothing when they went

into the homes and the houses they took nothing they just shot people they killed people

they spin it on and they were moving with skilled intent and Military Precision they would come together to a

house they would go in they would you see gunfire they would run out not taking a thing not at all

they were brutal they showed no mercy and there were some that carried samurai swords and they were beheading many

people along the way so what I saw this is that that we don’t

have a an immigration issue we have an invasion going on

and what you don’t know will kill you people are looking at the wrong things people are seeing the whole wrong issue

of what’s going on out there instead of looking at what’s really

happening and seeing what’s really happening for the danger that it is we just kind of push it off and oh Washington will fix

that or whatever I saw death and destruction I saw danger I saw Chaos on the border and it was

rushing towards us it was rushing North this was on purpose dismantling this was

also on purpose distraction back at Times Square the broadcaster was

informing citizens that spectacular eruptions on the southern border were getting people out of their homes to

watch so now they’re saying hey folks you need to go out of your homes and watch these watch these incredible

uh magma fields and what’s these incredible volcanic eruptions that are going on go outside and watch

he also encouraged anyone within 100 miles of the border and that’s exactly what he said if you live within 100

miles of the Border and you go outside immediately and see

if you can see them from where you are I said to the man that news man is

trying to get people outside so they’ll be killed and the man nodded

and then he said there’s more and suddenly we’re standing outside the Capitol in Washington DC

I think all of us know that the news media is complicit with the lies that are coming out of our leadership

things are happening then I could hear all kinds of noise going on inside the Capitol building and

someone yelling into a bullhorn now look a bullhorn is just a cheap way to get attention but you don’t have a sound

system or good balance of stereo or speakers you use a bullhorn

it’s cheap communication but these people are talking about taking the country back and making

people listen and there were screams that seemed very demonic and just wild to be coming out

of humans it was like growls and screams and cries demonic almost like Banshees

and there was a fence outside the Capitol building is surrounded it but suddenly police and

military came and they tied ropes they kind of like threw ropes up with uh like uh nooses on them and they grabbed

the top parts of the of the fence and they began to pull them down they would pull in with all their might pulling the

fences down they bent the fence is over they didn’t

push them out of the way they didn’t knock them down they pulled them down

and then just as suddenly the doors of the Capitol pushed open and the congressmen congresswomen senators faces

and people I recognize people who are in power and Leadership elected officials at the federal level they came rushing

out into the streets and they were jumping and leaping and stepping over those fences

and they were armed they were armed with guns and clubs and they began attacking and beating any

any citizen that was close and they left this extremely bloody

Trail and they pursued people until the people became so exhausted they dropped from exhaustion and then they beat them

to death I watched elected officials beat these people to death now I do not think this

is what’s going to happen I think the whole point of it is the people who were there were the ones that make the laws the ones who

provide for those things out there but it was horrific because they were

beating people to death in the streets and it was getting darker it was horrific to the point I said to the man why are her elected officials doing this

to the people well this time he didn’t move his head he didn’t nod he didn’t move his head at all but he

said there’s more to see and it suddenly became very very quiet

folks we have laws that are changing and shifting we have people that believe that men can be pregnant that men can be

women can be men and everything else and we know better we absolutely know better we’re starting to see calls for belief

every single lie that’s pushed out there and then we have new laws that are being passed that protect those lies think

about that the Congress began to beat these people to death they were they were they were

attacking ordinary citizens I saw families taking pictures outside the capitol who were just pummeled and

beaten down by people and the elected officials who were running were covered in blood from the people who they’ve

beaten to death and they just kept on going they were looking for somebody else to attack and beat on

and he didn’t move his head when I said why are our elected officials doing this to the people he didn’t move his head at

all he just simply said there’s more to see well obviously

obviously we know what this is we know the government’s corrupted we know the government is compromise

government has compromised everything it is and was and it’s going to be not to be trusted

I’m not going to be a help to us at all

I’ll continue the difference in what I just had heard was the screams for help and the people running was significant because now everything is quiet

so I’ve seen the Jets spraying I’ve seen the volcanoes erupting and then when they when the

distraction of the volcanoes was going on people were watching people were running out from the from underneath and headed towards anyone they could get to

getting to America and they were headed north folks no one was headed south

I was standing on the banks of a river early in the morning I drive across the Cumberland River every almost every day

here in Cumberland County from time to time I’ll say it’s the Amazon the Cumberlands were in the

Amazon of the Cumberland because when you drive across at the right time all the fogs down there and you can see the

tree banks on both sides it looks like something from the Amazon River I know it’s not

so standing on the banks of the river early in the morning it was morning quiet and if you’re a

morning person you understand there’s just a morning feel there’s a small amount of fog that began

to dissipate and there were frogs croaking in the background you hear fish jumping in the water

suddenly there was no noise at all it became deathly quiet it was almost I

remember being almost uneasy because it was so so quiet

and then the man Stood Beside Me quietly and he pointed to his ear he did this twice he went and pointed across the river so he Taps

on his head Taps near his ear twice and points across the river so I walked to the edge of the river

and I listened to as intently as I possibly could but I could hear nothing so I began to strain because I knew that

the man had pointed twice and tapped his ear twice the point he was telling me to listen

the finally I began to hear what sounded like muffled little cries

the fog continued to lift I can see the sun shining

and now I’m looking at a little country church and at the end it was at the end of this long gravel road but there were

no cars there were no cars parked near this church

I could hear people inside that little church the windows were open I could hear them crying out

and there was a whisper fire just a little whisper fire like if you got a fire that’s almost dying there’s a

little whisper fire that was on the on the roof of that church it’s burning I could see it in the sun

it’s a little church Little Country Church windows open and this long Gravel Road that there were no cars

so immediately got the idea that nobody drove here everybody walked down this long Gravel Road

an uneasy Gravel Road and they came down there with one reason and that reason was to pray

they were crying out they were repenting they were calling out names of elected officials I heard

Governors names I heard senators names I heard congressman’s names I heard I heard leaders in this country I heard

those people calling out their names and asking God to expose the corruption in them asking God that they would repent

I’m not asking God for conviction to come to their hearts and their lives and their mind

they were praying that corruption would be exposed that was the highlight of it and they were praying in tongues

I’m Pentecostal and ashamedly going to say that I pray in tongues on a daily basis I spent about the last half hour

before I shared this dream praying in tongues in our foyer in the sanctuary

they were praying in tongues but something else that caught my attention I heard specifically English and in

Spanish now I don’t speak Spanish I have a Hispanic daughter-in-law my son married

a Hispanic girl it was a wonderful addition to our family and she’s very fluent in Spanish

my son needs to do a whole lot better with Spanish but nonetheless I heard them speaking in English and in

Spanish I kept hearing certain Spanish words I knew they were praying in English and in

Spanish and they were praying with a passion it was refreshing and when it and I I’m gonna walk closer to the

building in this dream but I began to see the people inside they were packed and there was no walking room

I would have loved to been a part of that but I’m a walker so I’m probably gonna stay outside but nonetheless these people were packed together and they

were praying and they were praying with passion and there was fire in their prayers and they were going I mean they

were going at it have you ever been just in a Pentecostal prayer time or where the focus is on and God’s presence is

there and the fire is hot you know what I’m talking about it was that type of an atmosphere

There’s A standing table it was a standing Globe like a little pillow it was a globe and one of the things you

see in the school and you could spin it was standing on a pillar near the pulpit and there were people who had

laid their hands on that globe they laid their hands on that glove and

they began they were praying for the Nations they were calling out for kings and queens and prime ministers and leaders and officials and presidents

they were calling out the leaders of Nations I heard zielinski’s name I heard Putin’s name I heard King Charles name

I heard Trudeau’s name I heard the Mexican president’s name I heard different places from all people were

just praying and this whole room was full of nobody was talking or looking around they were

engaged in prayer the whole time they were there and they were praying they were praying intently they were focused there was

passion there was fire they laid their hands on that Globe when

they were praying for the Nations and they were praying for those Nations by name I began to pray on the outside of the

window and the man said to go tell them he was pleased well their passion but they must not

stop this was an absolute determined cry on

God’s behalf to tell the church don’t stop praying don’t stop praying don’t stop praying don’t think it’s too bad

don’t think it’s too ugly don’t think it’s too shy we’ve got to keep praying folks and I believe once again this dream was a call to prayer because

things are happening and going on right now that we know are awful terrible tragic un-American ungodly unbiblical

but you know what there’s a church that needs to be praying and focused don’t worry about who’s not praying you be

praying and encouraging those that aren’t praying to pray warn your neighbors

our nation is in trouble we know the Antichrist is probably out there ready to make us make his appearance I believe

that I really do and if I’m wrong I’m wrong but we see the asphalt being laid if the Antichrist to walk in on we see the

digital currency cons that we see the global Elites calling for the great reason and all these other things

these people were praying and of all the things I saw in the dream that stood out this is the one that I had for the most

I all those other three scenes played out over about three weeks okay but then I saw this part to the last the last

chapter paragraph I’m going to tell you about I had I saw this over the last week and a half over and over and over

all I heard was prayer prayer prayer prayer prayer he says go to them and tell them he was

pleased with their passion but they must not stop so I’m going to take that personally if you’re a Praying person if

your church is praying keep praying I don’t care if they won’t listen I don’t care what’s going on what’s not happening you keep praying you keep

trusting God you keep believing you keep the fire or you keep stoking the fire that’s in you and around you keep

stoking it out keep stoking it keep stoking it keep stoking it keep praying keep trusting

God to use you keep sharing with your friends and family Jesus Christ is coming back if you’re not ready you’re

going to repent and then he said to me this

prayer is the most effective way to push back the darkness that is both here

and coming nobody has to tell us it’s going to get

worse we know that it is period we know that it is

prayer is the most effective way to push back the darkness that is both here and coming

folks don’t stop praying don’t stop holding on Don’t Stop Don’t Stop praying

Paul said pray without ceasing now is the time to do that now is the time to get that going

now’s the time to pray like we’ve never prayed before Now’s the Time To Pray our families and

our friends in now’s the time to pray the people we work with in why

because our leaders our borders

our people in the medical world they need our prayers because the compromise that is coming

and will continue to come is going to water everything down in ways we’ve never seen before

after he said you know prayer is the most effective way to push back the darkness is both here and coming he said

he then breathed towards me now I’m next to the building looking at him buildings behind me the church

behind me with a little fire on the top okay he breathed towards me and went past me

and it felt like a hot breeze on an August summer day it was hot I mean it

was hot to the touch let me moved my daughter to Phoenix Arizona several years ago we did it in August

because she worked at a school and I remember stepping out of the car thinking oh man

he just immediately start breaking out in sweat because it’s so it’s so

humid I’m not human just so hot that was what it felt like this hot breath

Goes By Me it went through me it made the even in the in the dream and even at night it

felt like the hair on my arms was standing up because of what had just gone past me the Breath of God

and when it got to the building it set the entire church on fire and there was

fire there before but when he breathed on it that’s when the fire erupted

and it was like a burning bush that was not consumed and even look in the windows you can see the fire was inside

the building so they’d been praying with passion passion passion a little bit of fire on top but when Jesus breathed

towards us toward that church of people praying it erupted I mean it was like look you hear

that whoosh sound that was what it was like and people were praying there was fire on all they were praying and loud

and they got louder and louder and louder and louder and louder

it was exciting I have a lot of different emotions when I’m having the drains but in the dream

it was like this is good this is powerful Lord I knew that I want this more in my life

I turned to look at the man because I’ve been looking at the building it was just erupted in flame and burning I’ll turn to look at the man but he was

gone but I heard his words and it said I Am with You Church

I am with you and there is more to do

verily verily I say unto you when he tapped his ear twice and pointed

he was saying Church listen you need to pray our communities need to have the our communities need to hear people

praying on their behalf our communities need to hear us pray on behalf of our communities our community our family and

friends need to hear us praying they need to hear us praying and asking God to bless and move and help them

in other words God said I’m with you church now why

would he say this twice I’ll tell you why I think persecution and prosecution incredible things are coming to church

and we just need to stand strong in spite of what we get hit with you know the first thing that God was

spoke to me through the dreams was brace yourself I hope you’re still braced because we’re

not out of the brace yourself stage not just the dream but of where we are in life

of where we are in life where we are in life

church is calling us to pray he’s telling us that things are going to start happening within the atmosphere on

the border and from Washington DC that we’re not going to be able to push back against unless we pray

unless we pray

Bible tells me that Jesus Christ is the media between man and God

and you can pray to Jesus you can talk to him Holy Spirit we’ll work through your heart and your life and bring you

that saving odds of who he is we don’t need a priest so it’s because he’s our high priest and that’s who we go to

so stand strong knowing who he is get into the word get into the book get in

your prayer life stand strong repent and let the Holy Spirit ask the Holy Spirit to examine your heart and

your life in your mind why because we’re human folks and we mess up

he said I Am with You church I am with you now why would he say that because challenges are coming difficulties

coming and it’s going to be real easy to say I’m out of here don’t do that don’t compromise

don’t go soft on us now Church speak the truth in love stand up for

what is right and when there’s talk about different things around the water cool at work hey

you don’t know what the word of God says let them know if the word of God says and stand on don’t be afraid to don’t

compromise it don’t compromise what you believe don’t compromise what you know I don’t care

what the science says today the science is wrong God’s word is true period

men can’t be women and women can’t be men and men don’t give birth to babies

that’s the world in which we live I am sick and tired of culture

I’m sick of what it’s become but I have to live in this world and continue to speak the truth of who God is and what

his word is and what his word declares and what his word demands folks that’s all of us

that’s all of us well I’m a thankful Protestant and I’m a

thankful Pentecostal and not apologizing for that I’m thankful that the apostles knew what

was coming and warned us and folks we got to get strong be connected to our body of Christ we

need each other now more than ever and I believe things are coming difficult things and I’ve seen these things for

for years and yes some have come true and some haven’t and that’s fine

I’m simply sharing dreams because God puts it on my heart and I do I’m thankful for others that are dreaming

I’m thankful for people out there that are recognizing that he’s coming back we got to get ready we got to be ready we gotta be ready we got we got to be ready

so folks let’s keep going strong stay in the word stay rooted and

grounded in the word connect yourself with the body of believers

if you’re not baptized in the spirit I really I really encourage you to seek

the baptism Holy Spirit I believe the tongues is for today I’m unashamedly going to say that

when I see when I have dreams like this I find myself praying more in tongues than I ever have before Matt fat in the

last three years I have prayed more in tongues on a daily basis than I ever did before I feel that that

unction that that incur that I’ve got to do it

so folks I’ll tell you why my hopes in Jesus no matter what comes

my My Hope Is In Jesus no matter what comes against me my hope is in Jesus no matter what I face

so we’re going to see compromise and government we’re going to see compromise on the border we’re going to see compromise in the medical field we’re

going to see compromise with the environment everything else but I’ll tell you what

God gives us the strength the power of the fire and the encouragement that we need and that baptism in the Holy Spirit is

one of the most important things that you can have for those that don’t watch me regularly I do a podcast called practical prayer

in the spirit on Tuesdays it’s always about tongues it’s always about gifts it’s always about something on that lines and I just want to encourage you

to seek it encourage you to seek it why because there are things about to happen and change and shifts in our world it’s

going to keep getting worse okay I know there’s probably oh it’s going to be good it’s going to be this I’m going

to be that you know look I know what the Lord I know what the Lord is sharing with me and you can pray about it

make sure it lines up with the word what I’m telling you I believe it does I believe it is I’m going to be determined

and I want the church out there that’s listening to me be determined to not stop praying do not stop praying do not

stop seeking his face keep going keep going all right

so I encourage you to pray about this I encourage you to stay braced I just saw wondering said that

I encourage you to stand strong I encourage you to stand strong in your faith don’t back down don’t back

down so here’s the thing there’s always going to be somebody getting ready for Bible College always going to be somebody who hasn’t had a baby yet

always going to be somebody who hasn’t gotten married yet when Jesus comes I believe that nonetheless

I know a lot of folks I believe in a Rapture and unapologetically say that I’m gonna be doing a series starting in

June on the Rapture second coming all those all those things about that really

every passage that involves it both Old and New Testament and talk about I believe Jesus is coming

that’s why he always said you know look up your Redemption draws nine so folks this is the world in which we live

stand strong stay faithful stay strong

stay faithful all right appreciate you listening appreciate you praying appreciate your involved so God