Worse Than You Thought It Would Be Dream – TRANSCRIPT March 18, 2023

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here’s what it’s

called it’s called worse than you thought it would be dream had it between March 10th and March 18 2023.

the dream began with me loading an 80s style station wagon with lawn chairs

blankets and large coolers and my kids were younger like in the in the age of 10 to 15. youngest being 10 oldest being

  1. and they were excited about going to a very large fireworks display close to the town we live but I could not

distinguish whether it was Kentucky or Indiana or who knows where it was I just know I didn’t recognize exactly where I

was okay the drive there was in the early evening traffic was very heavy SUVs and trucks

were loaded down with outdoor items as we got closer to the fireworks location there were signs pointing to parking

and other carnival-like activities there were blow-ups and uh the kids riding

horses like a little round thing some carnival rides a lot of music a lot of

things that people trying to uh you know trying to pop balloons and stuff like that

um and these signs are reporting for the parking Carnival like stuff that was over this extremely large field and when

I mean large I’m talking like three to four football fields and the fireworks area was set up near an area that had

been set off with barricade so you had a large section where there was parking and then also people just

walking around blankets on the ground getting ready for the fireworks display um there were um the place was

packed with cars people everywhere I mean hundreds of hundreds of people it seemed like every child present in

sparklers and the teens that were lighting up bottle rockets and firecrackers but they

were doing it responsibly uh with adult supervision which made me think of the 80s and when things a little bit

different okay there was a bluff area that overlooked the flat ground and we decided to pull the car up there and

Park so we got the blankets the lawn chairs the food out began to talk about the fireworks that were about to be

displayed then there was this announcement the announcement came with a loudspeakers that they would start in 15 minutes and

patriotic music began to play but folks I’m going to tell you I didn’t get the feel that was actually like a July 4th

or a flag day thing didn’t get that feel so understand that it may very well be but I’m just telling you I didn’t get

that feel I know fireworks were typically you know Fourth of July

um but patriotic music began to play and the crowd began you know there were people moving and laughing and just

people getting ready for the fireworks the entire field below us was filled with people remember we’re sitting on a

bluff overlooking the field the entire field below us would filled with people and the cars were all often

parked on the sides around them appear to be literally thousands of people excited to see the show and after

a bit the announcer asked everyone to stand for the national anthem which was then played and when it stopped it got

very quiet and the people sat down the ground in my family we all we all did as well

first shots of the fire Rose went straight into the air and seemed to go up forever but there was no noise or

lights no explosions Joe just nothing it was literally in the dream two

minutes of silence with everybody looking up until there was this horrific noise like a bomb going off

my family and I jumped everybody jumped it was just so loud and so sudden and so

so loud we by family and I jumped when we sat as well as everybody else in the area there were huge flashes of light uh

like hundreds of flares has suddenly been uncapped have you ever seen a flare and Captain was like just lights just appearing all over the place

okay but it was also debris raining down on people uh there were hot bits of on

Fire Sticks and paper uh bigger than expected chunks of what looked like wood

uh what seemed to be pieces of brick were hitting people um and they were screaming and they were

running most of this was happening down there on the field okay the announcer came on and told people to

remain calm as the problem would be remedied soon that’s where he said this problem will be remedied soon but he

said in a very very calm voice just then another ballast of fireworks shot into the air but they sounded more

like f-16s taken off they were loud I mean really really loud

and they had the same effect in the air after a few minutes of silence and they exploded like a bomb

now people are running everywhere some had clothing and hats on fire and the Gathering of families and yelling out

their kids names was happening Amber people were yelling for their kids this and that come here hurry come on let’s

go and they’re trying to get to their cars even some of the cars were now burning

and people were running towards the bluff for my family was I told my kids leave everything get in

the car as fast as they could and this is when it got harrowing because there was still debris falling

and burning and people screaming and running for their lives more than more of the cars in the field

were burning now and people were frantic for safety so my kids are in the car the cars when we’re trying to maneuver our

way out and there were people surrounding my car and beating on the

Windows they were trying to get in and once again I had driven a station wagon which is another car I’ve ever owned my

father owned many of them but they repeat on the windows but the entire inside of that car was so small

nobody would fit okay they’re trying to get in and so I just

hit the gas and what I did not hit anybody did not run over anybody but I saw the crowd was dangerous they

had this crazy looks in their eyes were trying to get in they’re checking door handles the doors were locked my kids

were holding each other and we’re just trying to get out of there my wife and my kids are terrified so

I’ve been moving Maneuvers if I say it maneuvered the car down the bluff got back on the road and

that’s when we realized that this was not just a fireworks event situation there were houses burning

there were cars along the road been abandoned and the sky was alive with fire and darkness and I’m not talking

about lightning it seemed like there was fire burning in several places in the air there were cars underneath overpasses

that we that we went by that were preparing to be kind of waiting it out you know and people were watching the

skies with great their people were in the cars out of the cars under the overpasses looking out like this like

leaning out from under looking up to see what was going on and I’ve been trying the radio but there

was only static and I stopped and asked real quick under the underpass if anybody knew what was going on and

nobody knew anything okay people trying to make phone calls but the calls weren’t going through and it

kept coming back that ding ding ding you know that overwhelming number of calls we’re going through obviously

okay got back on the road headed home as fast as I could now the roads were lit

with trash and cars were parked and burning trees overall chaos okay

a bit of an emergency said okay we get back to the place where we live get in the house lock the doors turn the

TV on and there are emergency signals going at the bottom of the screen and local numbers to report damage

no mention of War missiles anything I saw no military equipment either so

please recognize that as well the news anchor desk there were reporters with sat phones and they were

running with satellite phones and they had them up and they’re taught they’re running and they’re frantically trying to talk to people they’re hearing this

and said okay here’s what’s going on here and they’re setting they’re sharing information and they’re talking quickly with other people in the room

then I heard a camera guy say we’re going live in five four three two one

and sitting at the desk that Newsroom was the man that I always see in the dreams the man which I call

him Jesus he was wearing a dress shirt looking at a clipboard he looked directly into the right

directly into the camera and he began reporting he said we have gotten report after report of strange occurrences at

outdoor activities and 9-1-1 calls have been overwhelmed and have overwhelmed

the entire Nationwide system many of you are aware that chaotic

events spread over the entire country have left fires and confusion on every

front then he said this let me be very clear it is worse than you thought it would be

you were warned and told that perilous times were coming but this is worse than you thought it would be

many have ignored the truth and now it is worse than you thought it would be at this point tears began to come down

his face he and they got strong enough that he put his hands in his face like this he

put his he put his hands down he put his face down and just put his hands on the top of his head cover his face cover the

top of his head but he put his head down he composed himself

looked at the camera again and he spoke further by those tears continued and I’ll tell you what it reminded me of

many of you may remember the commercial about pollution in the 70s with a Native American in the inn in the canoe going

down this going down the river and when he saw the pollution he was crying that was the color

someone just asked about the color of the car it was a it was a like the wood panel sidings on it

uh dark brown or dark brown or dark green but it was dark it was most likely dark brown

but then he said this don’t leave your first love do not fear what you’re about to suffer

stay repentant in the center of the wheel overcome walk through the open door stay

disciplined I will walk beside you during persecution and pain

when he said that word pain at that moment a tear streamed down his face and

hit the desk and it ample it almost made this Amplified

it reminded me of the tear in the in the movie The Passion that fell after Christ

died many will say that it’s worse than they thought it would be and this is the

fourth time this is said many will say this is worse than they thought it would be and they will be right

so remain hard braced and battle ready

I am coming and my reward is with me and I Am With You Always and as far as and

as far as to your end and as far as to your end

and the last thing he said was these are the hard facts in the news as I am

reporting It To You In Living Color

I turned the TV off looked at my kids who now appeared to be their age today so they age each and

aged about 10 to 12 years and all the time that this was going on

my wife and I joined a circle we began to pray for boldness and strength when there was a knock at the door

they asked if and without fear I opened the door there was no fear no worry no concern I opened the door

I saw several families who were crying in the scrot holding you know smaller kids

and they said could we please come in so you can explain to us help us understand what is going on so we invited them into

our home and when the door shut and all that noise when I opened the door you can hear all the noise and the sirens and

the chaos when the doors shut the noise from outside stopped and the little girl with one of the family said

I feel better in here than I did out there and it was then that I woke up