The Lincoln Dream – TRANSCRIPT November 9, 2020 it’s the dream I had on November 9 2020. I saw Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial. He was standing up in his seat with his right hand held up and was being addressed by Uncle Sam. there were spotlights aimed at his head and he was bathed in like this overwhelming light. and on the granite seat where he’d been sitting was a stack of law books. and on the bottom was a simple brown leather rawhide Bible that was larger and thicker than any of the other law books on […]

Hold Your Breath – TRANSCRIPT October 26-27 2020 I had another dream that compiled over two nights August 26 and 27th I dreamt that I saw people all over American during the daylight hours in various places. I saw people on Wall Street suits and ties also people at church. I saw people at the park. I saw people at high school games. I saw people at malls. I saw just people doing normal things. it looked more normal than before COVID as you can imagine. nobody was wearing masks. there were no concerns as to disease or illnesses or […]

THE DATA DREAM – TRANSCRIPT Oct 20, 2020 I saw what looked like an atlas with an interstate lines all over nation. like if you’re looking down at an atlas and you see the interstate lines going all over from state to state. and there were flashing bits of information going all over. It looked like a data map. it appeared like a network of sorts. it was obviously over-worked. some of the data points were not flashing. some were places like cities, small places. you had flashing. you had things that were moving. you had data points there were […]

Dream for December 2020 [Something Had Happened] – Transcript September 24, 2020 Between Friday August 28th and Thursday September 4th I had a series of glimpses and dreams that got longer each night… but I saw the calendar December. and I saw a finger underline slowly and like it was pushing slowly and forcefully, underline the name December. then it flipped over to January and then underlined it just as slow and was pushing. first thing I saw was long food lines. I saw people waiting for what seemed like hours. and they were standing in line and not in […]

A Vision [of The Church] – TRANSCRIPT Sep 23, 2020 This one was a vision that I had September 14th and just a little bit to share…I wanted to just share this I had. this was not a dream this was a vision I was watching I still believe with my wife and my son and his girlfriend and zoomed out it was almost like the camera zoomed back to me and I saw something I saw an elderly and an emaciated woman in a hospital bed she appeared rather weak . she was malnourished almost skin and bones. and […]

READY OR NOT Dream – TRANSCRIPT September 26 2020 Saturday September 26th I had a dream where I saw a huge field. it was flat. it was open and on either side, right and left, it stayed flat for about a mile. but at the end of that mile it elevated up to small hill on each side. so basically you had a flat area and a hill here, and a hill here. in the middle of that ground was a silver line. it actually was a glimmering silver line about five feet wide and it it divided the entire […]

The Earthquake Dream! and Holding the Wall Dream – TRANSCRIPT September 14, 2020 Here’s what I saw, once again, September 14 2020. I saw a shimmering of the Great Lakes. and the water appeared to go out of the bowl and then spread back in the shores several hundred feet in. It crashed back in the lakes. It appeared as if there had been an earthquake under the central point of the area of the Great Lakes but a very very significant depth. I also saw at that moment the Rocky Mountains were trembling. and all the coast of the […]

From Spirit to Flesh Dream & Vision – TRANSCRIPT September 13 2020 Hey its pastor Dana cover stone. I’m going to share today both the dream and the vision that I had that were very closely linked. I had a dream one night on September 14th and the next evening I had a vision. and at the point when I shared the dream I did not share the first part because I was still trying to look at it and figure some things out. but here’s how that went, I saw a calendar and it started at January and it […]

Lady Liberty – TRANSCRIPT Sept 08, 2020 It is Tuesday September 8th last night on Monday the 7th of September I had a dream that has probably troubled me more than the dreams that I’ve had …last night I saw the Statue of Liberty proudly standing in that harbor outside of New York lighting the nations in freedom I saw the sky suddenly darkened strong waves began to crash against the shore with a very very fierce intensity almost hurricane tsunami-like force tropical storm type force and there were boats and they had men in them they were out in […]

Prophetic Dream About November 2020 – TRANSCRIPT August 17, 2020 Monday night august the 17th I dreamt I saw a calendar month in November. it was bent. it was torn. it was dirty. I saw trees in the backgrounds that were leafless but there were a few trees that still had scarce amount of leaves on them. and they had turned, the leaves that were still in those trees had turned like it was about to rain. The sky was a dull gray with extreme cloud cover. I hardly ever see sunny skies in these dreams – that’s one thing […]

OCTOBER Warning from God – Aug 13, 2020 TRANSCRIPT I had a dream on Monday night August 10th…So I dreamt I was in the month of October. I saw the month of October as a calendar and was waving like was being blown by a by a strong wind. not a fitful wind. not violent, just kind of a fitful wind you know. I saw a finger appear and it pointed to the second week of October. and it dragged the finger through the third week of the month. so it covered second and third week of October. and then […]

Another Dream – TRANSCRIPT Dated Jul 26, 2020 Last night Saturday night July 25th [2020] right around 1:19 I woke up from a dream that I had… In this dream I saw a calendar started in July and it faded. it was almost like the month of July just faded off of the calendar and it went right into August. and I saw August, the letters of August, September October November December just got bold – very very bold. and [it was] almost [like] they had been highlighted with a black marker. and then suddenly I’m walking near an abandoned […]

Coming Persecution of the Church Dream – TRANSCRIPT Jun 27, 2020 The one I had last night, I got up somewhere in the neighborhood of 3:30 to 3:35… So in the dream I was standing over a field or looking down on a valley and there was a large field. and there was a bunch of wolves in this field. all these wolves were in this field and they were asleep. and there were hundreds, hundreds perhaps even thousands of wolves. all dark gray not black but just dark gray and menacing menacing wolves. and they were all sleeping. and […]

Three Prophetic Dreams from Pastor Dana TRANSCRIPT – Jun 25, 2020 Dream 1 Back in December I had a dream and in that dream I saw calendar starting January 2020. and it was being flipped. and I saw January I saw February I saw March. and when March came up a hand held it and I saw a finger underlined the month of March and then tap it three times… so underlined the month of March tapped it three times. so to me it was emphasis. something’s gonna happen in March. and then I saw April May June. and when […]